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The Chicago Law Offices of Nir Basse Weighs in on Potential Marijuana Possession Ordinance Change


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- As part of their outreach campaign, the Law Office of Nir Basse is spreading the word to Chicago residents that a new ordinance to be enacted by the Chicago City Council will change marijuana possession to a ticketable offense. The Chicago DUI lawyer and criminal defense attorney is known for his personal attention to his clients via a wide range of legal specialties.

As cities across the country change marijuana possession charges from an arrestable offense to a ticketable offense, Chicago is poised to follow suit. Like other dedicated law practices in the city of Chicago, the Law Offices of Nir Basse sees this as a long overdue change that has profound implications for the lives of alleged offenders, the Chicago legal system and every Chicago citizen. “The purpose of the ordinance is to help free up police officers from wasting their time in courtrooms on offenses that are generally dismissed,” said Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Nir Basse. “This will allow officers to spend more time on the streets.”

While the ordinance is currently in committee, it is fully expected to come to a vote in early August. It will affect possession of amounts under 15 grams (approximately half an ounce) and is expected to carry fines ranging from $250 to $500. “It is no secret that a highly disproportionate percentage of minority arrests, prosecutions and jailing come from marijuana possession despite the equal percentages of users throughout all demographics,” said the DUI attorney. “This new ordinance will help to unclog the court system to some degree while eliminating needless arrests.”

The Chicago criminal defense lawyer has built his practice on the belief that all clients deserve personalized expert legal services that are cost effective and resolve any pending legal issues to the client’s satisfaction and expectations. As a direct part of his outreach and information campaign for Chicago residents and potential clients, Basse makes it clear that the best results stem from a well-informed attorney and public. “The information outreach campaign is predicated on helping not only my clients but everyone gain a better understanding of changes in the law that can affect them in positive as well as negative ways,” said Basse.

In addition to being a criminal defense attorney and a dui attorney Chicago practitioner, Basse also has extensive experience in a broad variety of legal areas. The staff of the highly experience attorney is very adept at supporting Basse and his clients in a wide variety of legal matters. “The breadth of the practice helps me to understand my clients’ problems and apply a wide range of experiences in both negotiation and litigation towards a resolution,” said Basse. For more information or for a free consultation, please visit http://www.bassechicagolaw.com/

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The Law Office of Nir Basse is a general practice with extensive experience handling a wide variety of cases. The areas of the practice include Criminal Defense, DUI and traffic matters, bar and restaurant law licensing and defense violations as well as small business representation in a variety of areas. The practice provides every client with personalized expert legal services that are cost effective and works diligently to resolve any pending legal issues to the client’s satisfaction and expectations.