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THE CREATIV MOVEMENT, a Grassroots Movement for Creativity

THE CREATIV MOVEMENT is now inviting creative people to join worldwide

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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- THE CREATIV MOVEMENT, a new global grassroots effort to ignite a new renaissance through technology and philanthropy, is inviting creative people from around the world to join at www.iamacreativ.com. This Movement is giving people the opportunity to join an exciting new Renaissance that encourages people to embrace their creativity and ingenuity.

To officially join THE CREATIV MOVEMENT,  simply head to the website, where a link is available that will enable them to access the relevant page and become a member of The Movement. This is a project that has been designed to connect people on a worldwide scale, which means that it has a lot of scope and potential for huge growth. To learn more about THE CREATIV MOVEMENT, simply browse the website, which contains a wealth of information.

The project is aimed at preserving as well as empowering creativity amongst people from all over the world, which will help to bring about global unity through creation, innovation, inspiration and opportunity. Those who are interested in finding out more will be able to learn about The Movement on the www.iamacreativ.com website.

An official involved with the project stated: "We are eager to promote and encourage creativity through this Movement, and by joining up via our website consumers can become part of a very exciting new renaissance that will help to unite people globally, which will help to inspire and encourage, and will provide a host of creative opportunities. Because of The CREATIV Movement's built in network for creatives it is easy to connect with other creative people from anywhere in the world providing opportunity and inspiration. This is a unique effort that will have a big impact, and because it is a global effort it also has potential for huge growth on a worldwide basis. We have provided comprehensive information about The Movement on our website, along with a simple process for those who want to join up and become part of this exciting journey."

To find out more, please visit: www.iamacreativ.com/thecreativmovement

THE CREATIV MOVEMENT is a global grassroots effort to ignite a new renaissance through technology and philanthropy by empowering and encouraging people to embrace their creativity and ingenuity.