Tech-Cigarette Divulges the Difference Between Electronic Cigarette and Tobacco Cigarette

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2013 -- has offered clarity on the various aspects that differentiate an electronic cigarette with a traditional cigarette. It has been noticed recently that most smoking enthusiasts the world over prefer using electronic cigarettes as compared to traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, simply owing to the fact that the former is a device that is completely free from the highly offensive second hand smoke that is always present in a traditional cigarette. At the same time, an electric cigarette is a device that is completely non-polluting in nature, which in turn implies that you do not need a match to light it.

The difference between regular cigarette and an electronic cigarette

According to the elite tech-cigarette review staff, “A tobacco cigarette comprises of over four thousand different kinds of toxins, whereas an e cigarette is devoid of such toxic substances. At the same time, a regular cigarette has been known to cause numerous diseases in human beings, owing to the highly toxic chemical compounds found in them and also owing to the high levels of carcinogens that are found in tobacco cigarettes. On the contrary, the lack of carcinogens in electric cigarettes, permits users to make use of them on a regular basis, as the risk of contracting cancer is completely done away with.”

When tech-cigarette review team interviewed Ted Garret, a regular smoker, he said, “The main reason why I prefer puffing an e cig instead of smoking a traditional cigarette is because I am permitted to puff an e cig even at public places. This allows me to meet my nicotine requirements at all times and I no longer need to rush to special no-smoking zones.”

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