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The Dope Diary Is the Two-Year Battle of David Grey's Addiction Written by His Family


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2016 -- 'The Dope Diet. How to lose 8 kilos, money, family, friends & sanity' written by Dame DJ giving the family's side of a two year story of David Grey's journey with marijuana and their harrowing perspective.

It's the families who suffer in silence.

Current legislation about the legalisation of marijuana worldwide is making this topic very emotive while so many individuals have been forced to take a stand one side or another.

California goes to the ballot Nov 2016 to legalise all use of marijuana

The 'The Dope Diet' is an intimate diary of a young English man David Grey and his struggles with smoking dope starting at the very beginning of his problems.

As the subtitle states he lost more than 8 kilos, money, family, friends and nearly his sanity during his journey, crusade for legalization and acceptance.

It was written as a diary to remember, mark down and to witness the details of his changing character.

This book is for all the families of sufferers of addictions who still watch, support and wait not knowing what the outcome will ever be.

With no medical background she honestly goes into his behaviour, moods, progress, then regression, & the consequences over a two-year period up until December 2015.

There is no judgment made regarding the use of marijuana and no attempt to sway the reader's opinion.

Part 1 of the book is free so it's accessible to all.


About The Dope Diet
This book is a rare and personal first hand insight into the complicated world of dope addiction written by a family member. After I read this I realise how complex and multi layered all addictions can be and what a dangerous balance we struggle with. Dame DJ gives an accurate and honest account of conflicting emotions and frustrations watching someone slide away from reality. I really want to know what happens to David Grey. We have struggled with alcoholism in my family and this was insightful & blunt which could be very helpful for those going through similar struggles with family members. I have started reading The Pot Hole to understand David Greys perspective and get the full picture.

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Part 1 FREE.
Part 2 $0.99
ISBN; 9781310539251
Pages; 185


Dame DJ describes her life as "married young, starved young, divorced young, had two children then lived in a few different countries and learnt about life"

The sequel 'The Pot Hole. The dope delusion' is written by David Grey giving his own version of the events during the same time frame.

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