The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D

The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D Announces Latest Results


Kenly, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Voters appear to be leaning more toward individual choices and property rights. Fewer want stricter community standards and economic regulations. "The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D shows that many hold Libertarian views, but this may not be an actual representation of political views in the country," according to Carl Milsted, creator of the Enhanced Precision Political Quiz.

Statistics show that the libertarians tend to promote quizzes more which may lead to more libertarians answering. Earliest links to the political quiz site were actually Libertarian Party affiliates. "People need to understand what they are looking at when viewing the results of the quiz to get an accurate picture of what is occurring," Dr. Milsted continues.

Other factors also play a role in the results seen in quizzes of this type. Those who take political quizzes often state that they are dissatisfied with the two major political parties currently in place. In addition, those who become Republican later in life tend to score more libertarian at a young age. "As they grow older, they tend to move to a more socially conservative platform," Dr. Milsted goes on to say.

Libertarianism shouldn't be discounted though as it may easily be a growing segment in the country, one that isn't properly represented in the United States Congress or in state legislatures. "Data from the quiz cannot accurately say if this is the case. What one can take from the quiz is that many believe in a smaller government," Dr. Milsted states.

As the political quiz shows, 60 percent of quiz takers believe in legalizing marijuana while 56 percent believe laws against harder drugs continue to be needed or enforcement needs to be beefed up. Public education, in contrast, receives great support for public school funding along with graduate school educations for teachers. "Political parties change over time. The rise in Libertarianism shows this to be the case. To view the actual statistics, visit Doing so allows users to see exactly how people voted on each question on the quiz. The results may surprise many," Dr. Milsted declares.

About The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D
The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D continues to attract attention with more than 18,000 now having taken version 7 of the quiz. Version 7 became available in August 2012 and now offers more options. Not only is the quiz more objective, it's more up to date and includes sections on property rights and personal freedom. To ensure objectivity while improving the flow of the quiz, choices are no longer ordered from bigger government down to smaller government. As results have shown over the past nine months, the quiz appears to be reasonably normalized.