The Healthiest Approach to Caring for Your Pets - As Defined by Livingreen - Southern California's Premier Eco-Lifestyle Retailer

KODA - Natural Functional Medicines for Dogs

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Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Livingreen, southern California’s premier go-to resource for Eco-friendly and sustainable product choices places significant emphasis on creating a healthy environment for pets.

The IBIS World Report estimates that the average rate of pet ownership will increase 2.2% annually. In 2013, 82.5 million or 68% of American households are now pet owners. Livingreen takes these statistics very seriously and works to source and provide only the healthiest product choices to care for the pets of their clients and customers.

Keys (Chemical Free Skin & Beauty Care), has developed KODA, a life extension and wellness program for dogs. Today’s pets are exposed to environmental and chemical agents that will shorten their lives. In an EWG study released a few years ago, dogs have four to five times the levels of 200 industrial chemicals in their blood than humans.

KODA seeks to extend a dog’s life, quality of life and vitality through natural wellness products. KODA has formulated natural topical therapies for people and their pets. Human grade pharmaceutical natural ingredients in therapeutic proportions are utilized to accelerate results. Clinical university teaching schools of veterinarian medicine are consulted for interactions with prescription drugs and then holistic animal practitioners and naturopaths as well as vets that study Eastern medicine are consulted with to formulate the KODA for Keys products.

As a result, there are no sulphates, glycols, parabens, phosphates or any of the infamous “Dirty 30” chemicals in any of the products Keys or Livingreen sells. Both Keys and Livingreen focus on results, not at the cost of long or short-term safety.

The complete line of KODA functional medicine dog therapy products is available at Livingreen in Culver City, CA as well as on line at

Livingreen rates all products sold in store and on line by source-resource, manufacture, transportation, health and environmental impact, lifespan and lifecycle.

Ellen Strickland, President and Owner states, “Modern medicine rightfully treats symptoms and not the cause. The KODA for Keys approach utilizes aboriginal, Eastern, holistic, herbal, naturopathy and ancient medicines that treat your dog’s whole being and seeks the cause, returning balance and well-being to your dog. Livingreen endorses the natural functional medicinal approach for the health of your pet”’.