Tech-Cigarette Reviews the Instead Electronic Cigarette Brand has provided an expert review on the Instead electronic cigarette brand.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 --, an e cigarettes reviews website, has provided an expert review on the Instead e cigarette brand. Like numerous other e cigarette brands that are internationally available. Instead e cig brand too boasts of possessing the capabilities of being considered as one of the top contenders in the smokeless niche in the year 2013. The e cig starter kit provided by Instead is highly affordable in nature and it also happens to be amongst the most robust kit available in the international smoking niche.

As per review team, “The Instead electronic cigarette review comprises of all the essential features that have managed to place this brands amongst the top contenders in the year 2013. The starter kit contains a lot of goodies for the seasoned smoker, which in turn include a USB charger, two atomizers, two lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable, stash tin, a stash pouch, a USB adapter, a 15ml e-liquid bottle, five cartridges and specially designed zip lock mechanism for cartridges. At the same time, smokers have the option of choosing from amidst six finger licking flavors in their e cig cartridges. Apparently, the e liquid smoke juice is what makes smoking enthusiasts really thrilled with this brand. Apparently, the smoking juice offers a different flavor and lends a better taste to smoker.”

According to Kerry Player, “I have just gotten home an Instead e cigarette starter kit and I have had the chance to puff the first one. I am really surprised to find that the taste as well as flavors offered here are undoubtedly comparable with the best in the business, as I have been habitual of puffing e cigs from other top brands as well. I am really happy with its pricing as well and I am sure I’d continue smoking Instead e cigarettes for a long time.”

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