The Latest Ratings of Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes Brands by Esmokehub.Com Revealed gives reviews and rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are presently available in the market. It believes that these modern electronic gadgets may replace tobacco cigarettes. Its commitment is to spread knowledge on smokeless smoking among people by giving only reliable information in its pages. It reveals its latest rankings of top rated electronic cigarettes.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- came into existence with the sole purpose of helping new users in finding a suitable electronic cigarette brand. As electronic cigarette industry is new and mostly unorganized, correct information about the products and their availability is hard to find. Of course, there are millions of pages on electronic smoking on the internet. Nevertheless, only a few portals are giving verifiable data and insight on top rated electronic cigarettes. They aim at the complete satisfaction of the new consumers and provide useful insight on different brands. Their experts weigh several qualities that are essential for a good electronic cigarette and rank them accordingly.

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First thing that portals like look for in an electronic cigarette is its appearance and presentation. Studies reveal that looks often influence new users in buying a product. Top rated electronic cigarettes mimic regular cigarettes in appearance. That is to give a nostalgic satisfaction to habituated smokers of tobacco cigarettes. Consumers prefer easy to use, compact devices to heavy, cumbersome contraptions. Later, portals consider battery strength in different brands to confer a proper rating for the brand. Good electronic cigarette comes with strong rechargeable batteries. Other features such as vapor production, value for money, cartridge range and nicotine strengths are compared thoroughly.

Latest ranking of on top rated electronic cigarettes has honored South Beach Smoke as the best brand. The brand stood victorious in offering top-notch products and excellent customer service. Ever Smoke takes up the second place in the list. V2 Cigs wins the third place. The ranking list recommends ten best brands to consumers. All brands give consumers an authentic, pleasing smoking experience without smoke related byproducts like tar or ash. The products prevent teeth staining, weakening gum strength and loss of oral health. Consumers can have their desired dose of nicotine almost anywhere freely and without guilt. Surprisingly, electronic cigarettes work out to be a lot cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Several users have reported considerable savings after they have switched to smokeless smoking. welcomes new users to visit its web site and read more on top rated electronic cigarettes.

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