The Most Appealing Electric Cigs Brand 2013 Unveiled by EcigsCorner unveiled the Most Appealing Electric Cigs Brand 2013. The site even mentions about the holiday season special kit introduced by Vapor Couture.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Electric cigs brands are majorly focusing on making their e cigarette more appealing in order to market their e cigarettes well. As smokers no longer just pay attention to the performance and flavors in cartridges while buying electric cigs but even want their favorite accessory to look stylish. But the issue is many electric cigs brands focus on making electric cigs targeting their male smokers which isn’t acceptable by women smokers. The only electric cigs brand which has dared to break this tradition and designed electric cigs for women smokers is Vapor Couture. This brand has beautifully designed long and sleek batteries in light weight as per specifications essential for the fashion conscious women smokers. These electric cigs even have crystal studded tip on the electric cigs for a touch of elegance to suit women smokers’ personality. All of these factors collectively have made the brand Vapor Couture the Most Appealing Electric Cigs Brand 2013.

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EcigsCorner informs smokers that the brand Vapor Couture is not just about style and elegance but even offers thick vapors and strong throat hit for complete smoking satisfaction. The site even gives a special mention to the exclusive and unique flavor cartridges designed to suit women’s smoking preferences. And ecigscorner even mentions that according to women smokers worldwide Vapor Couture is being voted as the Most Appealing Electric Cigs Brand 2013.

The official spokesperson of the website added, “We at EcigsCorner have many electric cigs brands and amongst these brands Vapor Couture is the most favorite brand amongst women smokers. We even inform that Vapor Couture has made extensive research in designing each specification, colors and flavors as per women’s preferences and so is rated as the Most Appealing Electric Cigs Brand 2013.”

Vapor Couture’s is offering holiday special kit Snow Day Style.

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