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The Most Professional B2B+B2C Platforms - Only at Wine & Gourmet Taipei 2014

The wine market potential is growing exponentially in Taiwan with the maturing of the wine culture. Wine & Gourmet Taipei facilitates a smooth entry to the growing Taiwanese wine market for international wineries and suppliers.

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Taipei, Taiwan -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- The world’s various wine-producing regions are focusing their attention on the massive Asian market, in which Taiwan is listed as one of the top 5 wine importing countries. According to estimates by the International Wine & Spirit Research (IWSR), every individual in the world’s developed countries consumes an average of 4 liters of wine per year, and the rate has been steadily growing in Taiwan by 30% of the annual growth rate to the current rate of 1 liter per year. It is predicted that wine culture will gradually enter the daily lives of Taiwanese. Results from the Vinexpo study show that wine consumption in Taiwan has tripled in the past 10 years. It is estimated that, based on the current growth rate, the growth volume may exceed 21% to 2.16 million crates (approximately 25.92 million bottles) in 2015! WGT 2014 is the best professional platform for marketing and promoting your products, ensuring that you secure a head start in business opportunities in the wine market.

The Top Wine Exhibition

A comprehensive variety of wines around the world will be displayed.The professional exhibition integrates the complete supply chain of the wine industry.

Comprehensive Planning
- WGT Annual Selection

A wine selection event will be held in collaboration with the “Taiwan Sommelier Association” before the exhibition. The WGT Annual Selection will be chosen according to different prices and types of wine. This event helps boutique labels promote and publicize their products and brand names. It is the most professional sourcing guide in Taiwan, and the event that visitors are most interested in. Exhibitors should not miss this excellent marketing opportunity as the annual selection is guaranteed to sell well during the year!

- Designated Area for B2B Negotiations
The best platform for sales channel matchmaking: The most professional major sourcing service for international and local sales representatives, meeting the demands of professional buyers.

An appointment-only discussion area is planned for international wineries to exhibit their products and for local exhibitors and professional sourcing agents to sample products and to carry out business negotiations in one sitting.

- National pavilion
National pavilions are planned to display the product specialties and fine wine cultures of various wine growing countries. Exhibitors will become partner countries of the exhibition to initiate new business opportunities and to promote relations between local and international wine markets. Many wine-producing countries will be invited to make the event a success.

- Special Wines
Special wines are developed to provide a wider range of sourcing options, promoting the exchange of ideas in the wine market, and attracting more wine lovers to the exhibition.

- Master Classes
Bringing together wine education organizations and professional experts, the master classes are targeted at wine lovers to promote wine tasting knowledge.

- VIP Lounge
Special wine tasting spaces with limited seats will be reserved for VIP guests, who can promote their finest selections and exclusive limited wine types at the sponsorship period to stimulate high commodity spending and to develop high-grade business opportunities.

- Wine Pairing
Wine culture is gradually becoming part of our eating and drinking habits. Sparks fly when fine cuisine meets fine wine, adding a new dimension to our lifestyles.

Integrated Marketing
- Top Professional Networking Platform in Taiwan for the Wine Industry – Digital cellars

To provide industry professionals and wine lovers with a more effective platform for the increasing wine information, exhibitors enjoy 24-hour brand exposure throughout the year on the online products exhibition service – the digital cellars. This is an indispensable search database for professionals of the wine industry.

- Publicity Exposure Before, During and After the Exhibition Throughout the Year

Publicity exposure before, during and after the exhibition, together with regular exhibition press releases on major portals to ensure continual brand exposure and to attract more consumers.

3,572 visitor counts (including visitors and professional buyers), 42% increase compared to WGT 2012, a record of 20 million sales revenue, 80% of exhibitors were satisfied with WGT.

“Wine & Gourmet Taipei”, now moving into its fourth year, is the only professional exhibition in Taiwan that integrates the complete supply chain of the wine industry, covering both local and international wine agents, wineries, professional wine cellaret, and international high-end drinking glasses and more. WGT also includes a variety of gourmets, master classes and extensive programs. This is the only professional major sourcing platform in Taiwan, which makes the interaction possible between wine importers, industry-related parties, professional buyers, and consumers.

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