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The Pocket Watch Shop - to Gratify Your Appreciation of the Antique, Mechanical Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch Shop is an online market place creating buzz amongst those who are interested in collecting and selling pocket watches

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Wallburg, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- The Pocket Watch Shop is a website dedicated to help like-minded people who understand and respect pocket watches. Pocket Watches were invented back in the 16th century, but it attracts many men and women even today, who find it highly collectable. The website provides an online auction market place for buyers and sellers of pocket watches, not only antiques and vintage but also contemporary and modern makes.

The Pocket Watch Shopprovides its buyers with a variety to choose from in an auction setting. Pocket watches are treasured all over the world. That’s why the Pocket Watch Shop’s customers come from across the globe. Members of The Pocket Watch Shop, have a user-friendly interface to keep track of purchases, invoices, bidding, sales and more.

The Pocket Watch Shop’s owner, James Woods is a business member the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC). Many of the buyers and sellers are also members of the NAWCC, The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors is known for its fairness in the market place and uprightness in the business and trade of time pieces  

The main benefits of ThePocketWatchShop.com are as follows:

- Provides the buyers with a wide range
- Sellers don’t have to face exorbitant listing fees
- Shop from the comfort of your home
- Many Sellers are members of NAWCC

It is also a great market place for:

- Antique Dealers
-  Pickers
-  Estate Managers
-  Liquidators
-  Jewelers
-  Gift Shops

The website has been designed keeping you in mind and for a simple bidding process. You can click on any item to see the auctions complete details and to place your own bid for the pocket watch. If an auction’s ending time is highlighted, it will end in less than eight hours. The Pocket Watch Shop is a user-friendly interface making it convenient for buyers or sellers.

“I had a great experience taking part in the auction for a vintage pocket watch and then eventually being able to add it to my collectives. The payment was a cakewalk and I will always come back to ThePocketWatchShop.com for more such antique and vintage pocket watches for my room of vintage collectives.” Says Catherine M. (a contended ThePocketWatchShop.com’s customer)

The Pocket Watch Shop has an eclectic collection of time pieces. The marketplace auctions features everything that would be of interest to the Pocket Watch enthusiasts.

James [the owner] says, “I like “old” things and Pocket watches always fascinated me, I went to local dealers, and eBay seeking pocket watches to collect. Most of them were overpriced because sellers had to absorb the high fees eBay was charging. I saw an opportunity to start my own “eBay” of pocket watches and accessories.  Hence, The Pocket Watch Shop was born.” In order to jumpstart his business and auction listings, He is currently running several promotions and free memberships to merchants, including no listing or final value fees for the first 30 days after sign up. He has built up an extensive social network of fans that are anticipating the coming inventories. Just in time for the holidays!

Media Contact:
Name: James Woods
Phone Number: 336-337-3504


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