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Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- With the introduction of the 4G LTE networks and the associated high speed data rates, videos become much a much more pleasant experience. Accordingly, the industry is counting on video being the initial big non-voice application. While carriers are settling VoLTE operations, they will simultaneously offer various video over LTE services and associated applications. The introduction of IMS with LTE offers the promise of various value-added offerings such as Rich Communications and other multi-media experiences involving voice and data. However, prior to reaching a multimedia experience for end-users, how will the operators generate revenues?

We see data reaching a major inflection point in 2013 due mainly to introduction of various video offerings over 4G, which will be due largely to various third-party over-the-top (OTT) offerings. The incumbent network operators will enjoy a rather large increase in data subscription, but also a large jump in data usage. The carriers must offer their own video applications to combat the threat of OTT players and the legacy network operators own data-only service plans.

This research answers the important questions about video offerings in an LTE world including return on investment, operational issues, competition from OTT players, and more. It is must reading for anyone with a stake in the success of LTE as video will be the first opportunity for network operators to generate a return on their 4G investment based on new revenue generation from a value-added service application.

Target Audience:

1. Mobile network operators
2. LTE infrastructure providers
3. Video application developers
4. Wireless device manufacturers
5. Self Organizing Network (SON) providers
6. Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers
7. Managed service, content, and application aggregators
8. Mobile Value-added Service (VAS) application developers

Report Coverage:

1. Benefits of the LTE for the video
2. Market opportunity: cloud based mobile videos market 2012-2016
3. Over the top providers threats to the telecoms in mobile videos
4. The market in the world where LTE meets video
5. Case study: video and communication in LTE world
6. LTE and video data traffic

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