Esmokehub Dubs the Safe Cig As One of the Best

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Ecigscorner, a review site for leading electronic cigarettes brands, hailed The safe Cig as ‘One of the Best’ within the smokeless cigar industry from its recent review.

Ecigscorner promotes the use of e-cigarettes as a better alternative to smoking due to the absence of ash, tar and cancer-inducing carcinogen which are present on conventional cigarettes. However, the site does not let vapor brands get away from their thorough analysis by simply offering health-wise-friendly electronic cigarettes. The site believes in transparency and adheres that proofs must be produced for the safety authentication of a brand.

The Safe Cig, which was able to present the components used in the manufacture of all of its smokeless cigar products, was said to be the pioneer brand in the America vaping industry. John Cameron, The Safe Cig’s CEO, made sure of the company’s transparency towards the creation of their products, which other brands have failed to do. Through its display of laboratory results, the public was assured of their electronic cigarettes safety which consists of relatively harmless components and therefore does not pose any toxic effect to its users. A sample of specific lab test showing the brand’s components is with that of their Menthol vapor cigar that consists of nicotine, propylene Glycol, vanilla extract, malic acid, linalool, menthol and vanillin. To achieve the cigar’s menthol flavor, the brand made used of L-menthan-3 which is an oil extract from ZieriaSmithii plant.

The company also boasts of its credentials through its accreditation. One of which is their Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. With businesses that are largely dependent online, it is their disadvantage for the web to be famed for being a hub of notorious and illegal transactions. A BBB accreditation definitely establishes a credible reputation for the company.

Ecigscorner accumulated reviews of The Safe Cig electronic cigarettes comprised of positive feedback such as the public’s approval of the brand’s lifetime warranty as well as its free shipping. The brand’s vapor cigarettes - with a starting price of $69.95 - and micro kits - with a price tag of $59.95 – can be both availed with a thirty day money back guarantee.

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