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The Science of Growing Great Cannabis - 420 College


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- In the wake of U.S. House voting to defund DEA medical marijuana raids in MMJ states, medicinal marijuana has become an even a hotter topic, especially in California. However, as legalization and decriminalization continues to spread across the nation, headlines and concerns frequently focus on the business end… rightfully so, but what about the actual product?

Two California powerhouses are teaming to address that subject head on, as Los Angeles based 420 College joins forces with Mike Boutin, a notable star of Discovery Channel's "Weed Country". Coming together in the state's capital Sacramento, together they intend provide an all-encompassing growing workshop, sharing techniques and tips for all attendees.

As anyone in the cannabis industry will tell, cultivation is a crucial component. Producing the proper plants can make or break a collective, and in this day and age, the science behind the scenes involves much more than simply water and sunlight.

Mike Boutin's roots in the exploration of marijuana cultivation go far deeper than anything reality TV can capture. As a master grower with 30 years of experience, his knowledge and passion towards the plant is extensive.

For decades cannabis has been pushing its way to the forefront as a legitimate and recognized medicine in the U.S., and during that time, the methods of cultivation has grown along with it. Today we find a range of strains developed for specific applications, a process, which has taken horticultural science to new, exacting levels.

The experienced cannabis experts and attorneys that form 420 College have spent the last 5 years that since they opened their doors for the first time in 2009, assisting hundreds of individuals and collectives successfully enter the medical marijuana industry. Together with Boutin, this one-off forum is orientated toward those wishing become experts to perfect their plants, with some rarely shared insider knowledge.

With Mike Boutin trekking down from the Emerald Triangle, and presenting for 420 College in Southern California, this event will investigate all aspects of the cultivation process, a process where the "how to" is key. Interested parties are welcome to join in on this educational venture.

About 420 College
420 College is a California based collaboration of attorneys and experts, with the goal to provide all-inclusive instructional seminars to guide entrepreneurs of all level through the maze of medical marijuana regulations and requirements.

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