The Secret of Success of the Best Electronic Cigarette Products Finally Revealed

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- There have been more and more electronic cigarette outlets that have been opening up across the Californian State regardless of the intensity of the health debate rages on about the smoking devices. And yet there are those that are convinced that the e cigarette products are a much better and a much less risky smoking alternative than compared to regular cigarettes. Whilst they cannot be called a smoking cessation device like nicotine patch and like nicotine gum, they are many people that are saying that they have managed to limit their smoking habit thanks to them using e cigs and this has been shown to go a long way in increasing the popularity of the smoking cigarettes.

The basis of this success has been based on the principle that the smokers will be able to start off with the electronic cigarette that has the highest level and then gradually diminish till they don't crave it anymore. And this has been one of the main reasons why the electric cigarette has grown to become such a serious contender to the regular tobacco cigarette and all of this has been achieved in a space of less than 10 years and this has created a large and growing following for the devices. Whilst the makers and sellers declare the e cigarette to be a cheaper, and more comfortable alternative to tobacco, the skeptics are saying that those claims are not only unproven, but that they want them to be treated no differently than traditional cigarettes under the law.

There haven't been any definitive studies on the long-term effects of vaping electronic cigarette products (as opposed to smoking) or its effectiveness in smoking cessation because it's so new, yet they have given hope to smokers because while there are far fewer toxins in them than tobacco smoke. Yet smokeless cigarettes have been breaking new ground in Bakersfield as there are no ordinances that are governing their use in restaurants or zoning rules that dictate where vaping stores can be located or advertised and the city treats the stores as they would any other retailer.

Whilst there have been many that have been crying for further intense regulation of the electronic cigarette products as they are seen as a means of being a gateway to nicotine smoking. Yet many including the owner of a vaping store Ryan Atchison say that most of the non-smokers who buy e cig products buy usually go for the zero nicotine variant.

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