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The Simple Golf Swing Review – Is It Any Good?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Golf is such a great game! The Simple Golf Swing aka the golf swing guru is one of the most popular golf guides available today. David Nevogt is the author of this guide and a well known expert golfer. He claims to take off 7-12 strokes out of your game in a matter of time. The Simple Golf Swing' will appeal to golfers looking for a simple system to develop more accurate and powerful golf swings, which they can easily and consistently execute in the golf course.

The Simple Golf Swing Official Site

This book contains golf instructions that will provide great tips in order to become a good golfer. It also offers an apprentice program that has golf member all over the world, and every tips and techniques were simply made to understand them well. The Simple Golf Swing is also been considered as a complete golf guru package, since it includes all instructions like full swing instruction, chipping, sand, putting, driving, mental, physical and training aids which will enhance your golf skills. The Simple Golf Swing also distinguishes itself from other golf lesson books with its special emphasis on how to develop and maintain 'powerful timing' in golf, and not just how to hit the ball with more power. From the back swing to the down swing, ball impact, and follow-through, Nevogt explains the effect of good timing and how to achieve it. Nevogt de-constructs the effective swing into 5 basic movements which makes up his version of the 'simple golf swing' that works. According to Nevogt, these 5 basic moves will help any golfer to easily hit long distance golf shots at a greater consistency.

The e-course includes DVD clips, practice drills, work sheets and assignments. The great thing about the book is the simple and clear way the lessons are given, and how each chapter gradually helps the reader fully grasp Nevogt's simple system in executing a great swing. Nevogt reports that his course has already helped over 16,000 golfers in over 30 countries since its release 3 years ago. The Simple Golf Swing is proven to work and has already helped thousands. The Simple Golf Swing website is full of customer testimonials from golfers that he has already helped.

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The Simple Golf Swing Official Site

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