South Beach Smoke Disposable Starter Kit Exposed by discusses the characteristic features of the South Beach Smoke disposable starter kit and refers to the ‘Deluxe’ starter kit.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The South Beach Smoke disposable starter kit is one of the very impressive accessories offered by South Beach Smoke cigarettes and simplifies things for smokers. This starter kit, known as ‘Deluxe’ allows the smooth transition of customary tobacco smokers into vapor cigarette smokers and provides a mixture of vaporizer and nicotine magazine and batteries, among few other things.

This kit needs to be explored to the fullest by referring to its instructional guide. Although the kit is comparable with the other starter kits of South Beach Smoke vapor cigarettes, few disparities still exist. Its instructional guide elucidates in details the discrepancies in smoking and vaping.

The ‘Deluxe Series’ starter kit states the benefits of South Beach Smoke over conventional tobacco cigarettes. It gives an aroma similar to that of removable vapor cigarettes and has a battery that shines distinctively at the last part. This shining battery looks a lot like an orange gemstone. The kit supplies ten huge nicotine cartomizers with a capacity of thirteen to sixteen cigarette packets.

One of the two kit batteries has a long life while the other one dies early. The one dying early generates less number of drags while the other generates more. The nicotine strength is less compared to other electronic cigarette brands. The kit also has a USB charging electric connector and a moveable wall charger. It costs USD 59.99 and can be ordered online. The ‘Deluxe’ starter kit is a smokers’ delight for sure.

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