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According to Joshua Pellicer, attracting women is a skill that almost all men have to learn. And so he has packed The Tao of Badass with his secrets and techniques on how to be a complete badass with women. This e-book will show men worldwide the simple mistakes that they need to correct so that they will really be successful with women.

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Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- The dating guru Joshua Pellicer is the man behind the spectacular dating advice for men – The Tao of Badass. The author is a renewed dating expert who has made several appearances on televisions programs and hosted the Game On live show.

Joshua Pellicer has set the foundation of The Tao of Badass out from his own initial failure in the art of attracting women. After finding disappointment in all other dating devices, Pellicer himself decided to create a dating guide from scratch and applied his own past experiences gathered through various trials and failures.

Through in-depth guidance consisted in The Tao of Badass ebook and videos, Pellicer has focused on altering men’s perception regarding women and finding out what women really search for in a man.

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The Tao of Badass is a 150-page comprehensive guide that encompasses every aspect of the dating and human compassion that equips a man to tread successfully and with more confidence on the path to win his love. The book reveals all details that guys should learn about before approaching a woman. It has helped many men and has turned them a winner from an adorable loser. The program reveals some of the little-known facts that are the key to floor a woman and win her favor.

Joshua Pellicer is a professional dating coach and author and whose objective is to save men from heartbreaks, emotional setbacks and depression, by making them more capable in finding their soul mates and leading a peaceful life full of love and happiness. Men who always fail to attract a woman can find the program an effective way of building a loving relationship for a happy life.

The Tao of Badass is a revolutionary dating guide for men to help them develop a deep bonding in the heart of a woman of their choice. The program has been developed by Joshua Pellicer who is a professional dating coach and who believes in offering practical dating tips and guidance to men. The program is very effective and has helped numerous people to win the heart of their dream women.

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