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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- The Tao of Badass is for all those men who can’t seem to find a lot of success in dating or even a little success in attracting women. The eBook was written by Joshua Pellicer, a well-known expert in the dating arena, who has used his own observations and research in psychology and body language to develop his own methods of attracting women. Pellicer reveals his techniques in The Tao of Badass for any guy looking to become more attractive to women.

Inside the book is where Josh starts to show audience his secrets and techniques which they can use to make they appear like the badass around women. Younger crowd reveals a bunch of errors that people make that will make they look weak around women. As they right these mistakes every time they visit they appear more like a badass around them.

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The actual e-book also teaches audience the way to overcome approach anxiety so they can be successful simply walking right up to these. The book differs from plenty of other dating programs and courses as this one shows audience how for they to redirect their energy. The Tao Badass System show they the best way to expose they self with females, and hang out with the correct people to help they find the perfect girl. It will also show they how to use the right phrases, and direct their conversation in a positive manner.

This guide will be both detailed and lengthy. The information contained in the e-book will show audience how to improve upon attraction, teach they concerning body language, and demonstrate more about relationships, and exactly how language plays a part in all of them. Once audience receive accessibility members area of the Tao involving Badass, they will receive samples of each of the techniques which might be taught in the program.

There is another part in the book which usually talks about body gestures. Which means if they are in a situation, and they really are unsure if they can take action or not, this guide will help they make this call. Tao of Badass will show they in the event the golden time to take action is, and when this is a terrible opportunity to move.

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