The Top Ranking Smoke Free Cigs Posted by EsmokeHub posted about the Top Ranking Smoke Free Cigs from the industry. The site even mentions about the new flavors made by South Beach Smoke.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- People till date who were constrained to stay away from social gatherings because of smoke and odor of conventional cigarettes have a new lease of smoking experience for them the modernized smoke free cigs. These smoke free cigs do not emit smoke, odor nor do these have any teeth yellowing properties linked with them. The smoke free cigs produces vapors instead of smoke which offers realistic smoking experience so that the smokers can puff these cigs virtually anywhere. And there is no dearth for smoke free cigs manufacturers in the market. But this doesn’t mean every brand offering smoke free cigs performs equally well. Although every smoke free cigs resembles the same in appearance but the quality of vapors and performance is the distinguishing element amongst the brands. And the Top Ranking Smoke Free Cigs available in the industry is South Beach Smoke.

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EsmokeHub informs smokers that by advertising the brand extensively or by offering stylish smoke free cigs it cannot please the e smoking communities. The brand has to offer the most efficient smoke free cigs along with best in class additional accessories as well to gain smokers loyalty informs the site. And the same is delivered by South Beach Smoke since this brand has launched in business and so is even rated as the Top Ranking Smoke Free Cigs informs EsmokeHub.

The official spokesperson of the website added, “We at EsmokeHub offer rankings and ratings to the smoke free cigs brands on our site by analyzing the all year round performance in the most strict and unbiased manner. And we even inform that South Beach Smoke listed on our site offers the Top Ranking Smoke Free Cigs of the year.”

South Beach Smoke’s new flavors are Grape Hookah and Orange Mint informs the site.

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