The Top Rated CFL Grow Light in the US

Dan Miller reports on why these are the top rated CFL grow light systems in America, and why traditional grow light systems may just be on the way out.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- There is a growing demand in the US market for a proven CFL grow light that has enough lumen to flower medical cannabis. has anticipated this need and aims to fulfill the market with their SuperMax and MegaMax CFL grow light lines that feature the most powerful grow light available to consumers at 4,800 equivalent watts in just a 3' x 20" hood.

Its easy for us to see the medical marijuana, the cannabis production and cultivation industry's are all moving further into mainstream business as more states adopt medical and recreational marijuana use in 2014. Cannabis dispensary's and commercial growers are now fervently looking for ways to reduce productions costs amid competitive pricing as the drug becomes legal across the United States. Knowledgeable commercial greenhouses are switching from HPS & MH to powerful CFL grow lights & LED's to cut down on their overall cost to produce their products.

The top rated CFL Grow Light in the US, as reported by Dan Miller, made by is located in Portland Oregon. With over 6,000 of their 2000 watt units sold, this company has been providing the most powerful top performing CFL grow light units to cannabis growers since late 2008.

“They have enjoyed rapid growth over the last several years as high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) CFL grow light replacement units. These grow lights are designed to replace and outperform traditional grow lights such as HPS & MH units while saving the grower in energy and bulb replacement costs. With the success of their SuperMax 1400 watt and 2000 watt grow light units, the company is positioned to meet the emerging market.” according to Miller

“If all cannabis growers knew that CFL and fluorescent lights produce the closest light to natural sunlight, nobody would ever use HPS or MH grow lights. Its the same reason tanning salons use florescent bulbs in their tanning booths”

They plan to expand their product line from the extremely popular SuperMax line by adding the MiniMax and MegaMax grow light lines. The MiniMax line, because they are smaller in size is primarily designed for the stealth or closet grow room, while the MegaMax Line was created for commercial growers, or those who just want the most plant light in one place possible.

“Over the last 5 1/2 years has solidified itself as the clear leader in powerful CFL grow lights. Their company anticipates the demand for CFL grow lights to grow exponentially during this year allowing the company to expand sales as well as research and development beyond our boarders. Because they've been producing the most powerful CFL grow light lines for several years while using the most cost efficient bulbs, they're positioned to have a significant advantage over their competitors. Most CFL grow light fixtures still use huge, less efficient bulbs that carry a big replacement cost when they are spent. These also have their bulbs positioned horizontally, mitigating at least 8 – 12% of their effectiveness. This inefficient design seems like old school thinking with new tools in a whole new age for indoor growers.” reports Miller

Advancements made in CFL grow light technology have led to safe proper full spectrum grow light systems that use multiple light spectrum’s to fuel every photosynthetic requirement of the cannabis plant. takes pride in their unique approach to marketing. states Miller “We made these CFL grow lights for the closet grower, the commercial grower, but also for the regular Joe who doesn’t want to spent a small fortune just to grow indoor plants. That’s why we've never raised or prices, in fact we've actually lowered many of them. We wanted a grow light everyone can afford, period”.

Rising energy costs have been driving the demand for more energy-efficient sources of artificial light in commercial greenhouses. CFL grow lights have a considerable advantage over HPS grow lights in that the spectrum produced can be adjusted to produce only the light required for photosynthesis. HPS grow lights waste approximately 87% of the light they produce because its in spectrum’s your plants cannot see or use. Greenhouses and indoor growers can realize energy savings of up to 60% by switching from HPS & MH grow lights to powerful CFL grow light systems. High intensity discharge (HiD,HPS,MH), grow lights need to be replaced several times per year. This is costing the greenhouse industry in America millions in lost profits that could be passed on in savings to the consumer. reports Miller In comparison, the light or lumen intensity of CFL grow light bulbs doesn’t degrade rapidly like a HPS or MH grow light bulb does. CFL's in the grow room can last for several years, and replacing them is far less inexpensive than any other grow lights.

“As the green tide shifts to living a more sustainable, localized lifestyle, green technology like CFL grow lights will continue to improve the quality of life and inspire the indoor grower in us all. CFL lights are pretty much everywhere we look so why are greenhouses burning two to three times the electricity they need running dated high pressure sodium grow lights?” asks Miller “It’s simply the lack of knowledge about CFL grow lights for growers available to American cannabis growers. Like any new technology this one will take some time to prove itself, but once it does there will be no looking back”.

CFL-GrowLight, (, based in Portland, Or, is the leading manufacture of high power, CFL and replacement CFL grow lights for small indoor grow rooms to commercial sized indoor greenhouses in the United States. Our services focus on manufacturing and direct sales to consumers via online transactions of top rated high power CFL grow light equipment to provide consumers direct access to near wholesale price points without a retail markups.

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