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The Top Selling E Cigarette Vendors of the Year 2014 Announced by Electroniccigarettescomparison.com

Electroniccigarettescomparison.com is reviewing the top selling E Cigarette Vendors of the Year 2014! The site is providing regular reviews on different electronic cigarette brands.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Electronic Cigarettes Comparison is site for checking reviews related to electronic cigs available in the market. The site is used by the readers who are looking for quality information and wishes that they choice out best products from the market. Here, the topic to discuss is the top selling e cigarette vendors of the year 2013. The review website is answering the queries of the smoking enthusiasts who looking for best brand of vapor cigs in the market. The year 2013 has noticed great changes in the industry of electronic cigarettes and lots of changes have been made on taste as well as look of the products.

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According to the senior research analysts at Electronic Cigarettes Comparison, “South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, V2 cigs are the top names from the vapor cigarette world. They are popular not just for good quality for their cheap prices and different flavors. This battery operated device is on high demand by the smokers not only in USA but accepted by all over the world. An atomizer and a cartridge are the main part of electronic cigarettes. More people are favoring e-cigs as it is free from harmful carcinogens that are there in tobacco cigarette and injurious for the health of smokers.

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Team of Electronic cigarettes comparison Eva, a regular electronic cig smoker who choose electronic cigarettes just few years before, he said “I really approach the method of vapor cigs an alternative to harmful tobacco cigarette. The guide for top selling e cigarette vendors is really helpful in knowing more about the products. Now, I am regularly visiting the website for correct information. Latest discount offers as well as coupons are great money saver for me. It is right way to use smoking in the public places.”

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