The Tourist Has Acted As a Catalyst for E Cigarette Pronounces

As per, Hollywood movie The Tourist has played a significant role in setting the trend of electronic cigarette amongst general smokers and even Hollywood star smokers.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Since 2010 when on the first time a Hollywood big shot actor was seen smoking an e cigarette on screen, everyone got curious about the product. Johnny Depp who featured in “The Tourist”, as the male lead against Angelina Jolie kind of started the trend of smoking electronic cigarette publicly with ease. The actor is also counted amongst those celebrities who gave the better alternative to smokers and made smoking them trendy say e cigarette experts.

In the flick, Johnny Depp has been shown smoking an e cigarette in many scenes. This infatuated the world towards e cigarettes in a good way. E cigarettes have been called as better alternative because of the various advantages the product holds. The incentives that a smoker gets while picking up e cigarettes as the alternative can be counted in terms of saving money, saving oneself form smoke, saving the environment off smoke, and other merits too. being a review website, talks about the e cigarettes which have been doing rounds amongst smokers as a better sources of nicotine. Since the opening of “The Tourist” in 2010 many Hollywood actors have been spotted smoking e cigarettes. Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and various other celebrities have been actively involved with e cigarettes say e cigarette reviews. reviews various brands of e cigarettes which a smoker could choose from. Brands like V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, White Cloud are some brands which are quite popular with smokers say experts. Various reports have shown that e cigarettes are better in many ways than a traditional cigarette which is the reason that makes them so popular with smokers. The brands offers various kinds of best e cigarette products that smoker could choose from to make the environment one lives in smoke free.

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