The True Hidden Cost of Having Stretch Marks Reviews

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- There are many that are suffering from having stretch marks and the effects have a far reaching effect that had been previously known as it has been shown that the unsightly blemishes often have impacts on people that can range from nonchalance to tragic. There are those that are even refusing to try have children because of the effects that the marks have on people and the costs that they have on the economy. While most people are of the mind that only women get stretch marks, it has been seen as a myth as men also get them but at a far lower rate than women.

Some people believe that the economy is losing due to the effects of people having stretch marks as they will be unable to fully concentrate on their work due to the high levels of awareness that they will be feeling because of the blemishes. Also it is been reported that having them will cause people to suffer from loss of self confidence that will result in a loss in the quality of work and efficiency that they will be delivering to the market. Also it also means that the marks will result in an increase in depression and other societal influenced medical conditions like anorexia as people look for ways to get rid of stretch marks.

There have been many attempts to find an effective means of stretch mark removal and the most common one is laser surgery. Whilst this is highly effective, there is one drawback namely that they require the patient to have a high level of pain threshold, as it has been seen to be very painful. The other methods include the use of makeup to cover up for those marks and to make them look like they are not there.

But what seems to be the best way for removing them is the use of stretch mark cream products. These have won high acclaim because they represent a cost effective and easy method of addressing them. There are many stretch mark creams that are on the market that cater for a wide variety of skin types, location, and sex.

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