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The Truth About Fat Burning Foods by Nick Pineault

The e-book compiled by Nick Pineault tries to reveal all truth about fat burning foods and guides people to consume the right types of food to help achieve their weight-loss goals.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- After spending seven years on researching in the fields of fat loss and fat burning foods, Nick Pineault has compiled this excellent e-book covering all types of fat burning foods that can help the mankind in maintaining their good health and fat-free body. Nick is popularly known as “nutrition nerd” and his e-book reveals all truth about fat burning foods that a reader will find very valuable in his or her way to achieve a weight-loss goal.

Nick’s program focuses on finding fat burning foods and to eliminate those food items from the kitchen that can add to the body fat. In his e-book, Nick maintains that the problem of overweight can be dealt easily and effectively by choosing the right type of food for the daily consumption. He suggests people to stop buying food stuffs that contain trans fats. According to him, trans fats are stubborn and are difficult to melt away and they also can give rise to certain types of heart diseases. There are several common foodstuffs such as vegetable oil which contain trans fats in large amounts. Nick importantly lists out food items that are low in trans fats and are safe to consume on a daily basis.

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Besides shunning trans fats, there are several important points that one needs to keep in mind while selecting food stuffs. Author Nick maintains that the growing popularity of junk foods is one important reason why today obesity is a global problem. Discussing about the truth about fat burning foods, he reveals that children too are suffering from the problem of obesity because of their growing likeness in junk or unhealthy food. He states, “Any food that slows down metabolism cannot be considered healthy and can bring many adverse effects in the long run.”

Nick critically maintains that the labels on the food items and the advertisements do not always reveal the true picture. This is the reason why consumers keep eating unhealthy foods due to their ignorance. This is the reason why one should take the help of his e-book to learn all about the right types of foods that are safe for the daily consumption.

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About Nick Pineault
Nick Pineault is an expert author and food researcher who has compiled an e-book to help readers choose healthy and fat burning food stuffs for their kitchen. He has written this e-book after seven years of deep research on fat burning foods and this is the reason why this e-book is often considered as the best resource in choosing the right types of foods for weight loss.