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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- The e cigarette has withstood the test of time with there being more and more people that are resorting to vaping the smoking device instead of smoking traditional cigarettes which many have called remarkable considering that they were only introduced into the market 9 years ago. Now the best electronic cigarette products are spreading at a rapid rate with sales jumping from half a billion dollars in 2012 to an estimated conservative figure of $1.7 billion for 2013 which is a jump of 240% in a period of just one year. Many are calling this a revolution with estimates saying that there will be more electric cigarette smokers in ten years than there will be regular cigarette smokers.

There are now an estimated 2 billion traditional cigarettes that will not be lit in 2013 that in 2012 and this has been attributed to the rise in popularity of smoking alternatives like e cigarettes. This is why there has been an increased interest by the federal government into the manufacturing and marketing procedure of the electronic cigarette brand amid reports by many that they are intentionally manufacturing and marketing them for minors. This is something that the electric cigarette brands vehemently deny as they state that they are manufacturing their products and they state that their products are meant for a mature smoking audience.

There have been claims in many parts of the media that e cigarette products are more health risk than regular cigarettes and in some case an even higher risk. Yet even the best e cigarette manufacturers state that these tests that are the basis of these allegations are faulty at best with these tests being done in private sterile labs that conduct their so called best electronic cigarette tests in conditions that are nothing like the realistic conditions of the outside world.

In fact they go as far as saying that in the 9 years that e cigarettes have been on the market they have been no causalities or fatalities that can be attributed to them. In fact they even state that there have been more people that have been killed falling out of bed in a year rather than those that die from products made by e cigarette brands globally in the 9 years that the electronic cigarettes have been on the market.

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