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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- The e liquid is at the center of the current standoff between the federal government and the manufacturers of the smoking devices as many people are wondering if the way that they are manufactured is really adequate for human consumption. The e cigarette has been facing much publicity in the media with the general consensus being the smoking device has the same levels of risk that the regular cigarette has and in some situations it is worse. This has resulted in many people calling for greater regulation for the e cig and to make it more legally viewed like a regular cigarette.

Yet many in the e cigarette believe that the opinions that the federal government should adopt a wait and see attitude to the matter regulation of the smoking device, even though it does believe that regulation might be needed but not to the extent that the anti vaping community is calling for. It is also seen that even though people are saying the smoking devices are health averse it states that since the introduction of the e cigarette liquid products there have not yet been any recorded fatalities or even any casualties. This is being seen as proof that the e cigarette self-regulating body is doing a stable attempt in ensuring that the manufacturing methods are of the highest levels.

Without doubt, it can be said that the e cigarette has revolutionized the way in which people now look at smoking in a different light as the smoking device has been seen as giving people the ability to have a unique smoking experience. The e liquid has made this possible with the great variations in the amount of flavors and also in the varying levels of nicotine.

Also the electronic cigarette whilst not been approved for use as a smoking cessation, it is without doubt caused many to look at it and see an alternative smoking solution. That is why the e liquid has been claimed by many vapers as having better health and more comfortable lifestyle than they had with regular cigarettes.

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