The V2 Cigs Beginners Kit Is Simple and Fabulous, Suggests discusses and reviews the V2 cigs beginners kit based on clients’ feedback. This beginners kit of V2 cigarettes makes tobacco smokers switch easily to vapor cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- The V2 cigs beginners kit is one of the top selling V2 electronic cigarette kits in America and makes decent business every year. V2 cigarettes are free of tobacco, smoke, combustion, tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. They generate water vapor in place of smoke and are deemed safer than tobacco cigarettes. V2 cigarettes are quite client and site friendly due to their easy to hold and vapor generating qualities respectively.

These cigarettes come with a wide variety of accessories and different starter kits. Each starter kit has various accessories and looks very elegant. One of the starter kits provided by V2 cigarettes is the beginners kit. It is one of the easiest means to begin vaping and is really easy to manage. As the name suggests, the beginners kit is perfect for beginners and provides all the accessories required to stick to vapor cigarettes.

This kit allows the use of fresh replaceable as well as rechargeable vapor cigarettes. Replaceable electronic cigarettes offered by this kit are designed to suit the requirements of travellers and casual smokers. These cigarettes should be used only in the short run and are not good in the long run. The V2 Beginners Kit comes with a V2 standard automatic battery, a V2 disposable cigarette, six V2 flavor cartridges and an express charger.

The kit can be purchased at a price of USD 49.97 and has two flavors that are in style. These two flavors are V2 Menthol and V2 Red ( tobacco ). The nicotine strength of this kit is 1.8 percent and gives a good buzz. Hence, the kit is impressive enough to tempt smokers all around.

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