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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Switching to the e-cigs for regular smokers is the option for which they were waiting for a long time. With modern day equipment like cartridges and electric storage, e-cigs cut a fine picture for the smokers who are looking for substitutes of tobacco smoking. For the people who are still hesitating to opt for the electronic cigarettes, the disposable e-cigs might help in confirming the switch.

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Disposable electronic cigarettes as the name suggest is for just one time. With everything similar to the e-cigs the disposables ones are a great choice for the first timer e-cig users. Apart from acting as a trial version, the disposables ones have proved to be much advantageous for the smokers who are constantly travelling. With n pre charged battery and pre filled cartridges the disposables electronic cigarettes makes vaping easier, quick and efficient.

As of now there are number of brands of disposable e-cig brands in the market. While some of the established brands have launched their own new line there are also some independent disposable e-cig brands. Given the tough competition judging for the best disposable e-cig brand is not an easy task. But at the end there has to be only one winner and so in its official site introduces the best disposable electronic cigarette brand of 2013. The brand name which tops the list is the best available option of disposable e-cig and without a doubt it has set the bar higher for the others brands.

Electronic cigarette users have increased over time and the number is still increasing with more and more smokers considering switch. Currently there are more than 3.5 million active users of the device including some of the well-known faces in politics and films. The experts believe that the revolution brought by the electronic cigarettes is here to stay and is tagging it as the future.

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