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The Venus Factor Review Seeing Through the Hype & Advertising

The Weight Loss Fanatics have just released their thorough review on the weight loss program that women can't stop talking about, The Venus Factor.

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- James from TheWeightLossFanatic.com has reviewed many different weight loss products over the years. Many of these weight loss products have varied greatly in quality. James is well known for outing the lower quality weight loss products on his website and often speaks openly at ease at which anyone is able to release a product online, regardless of the quality.

TheWeightLossFanatic.com has just published their latest weight loss review. James has taken the time to review the much acclaimed Venus Factor. After much demand from the public and advertisers James decided it was time that he took a good hard look at what The Venus Factor had to offer.

What James Had to Say about the Venus Factor

James provided an in-depth review about The Venus Factor and spoke in detail about what was included with the pack. James was incredibly impressed by the quality of the Eating Guide, Workout Schedule and Workout Manual. He took the time to go through each aspect of the course and in the end gave the product his stamp of approval, awarding The Venus Factor just shy of the WeightLossFanatic.com’s highest available rating.

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