World's Best Disposable Electronic Water Vapor Starter Kit October 2013 by exposes the world’s best disposable electronic water vapor starter kit October 2013 and brings forth its qualities and characteristics. This starter kit comes with South Beach Smoke vapor cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The world’s best disposable electronic water vapor starter kit October 2013 is offered by one of the topmost brands of electronic cigarettes online, South Beach Smoke. Electronic cigarettes are the best option for people smoking excessively.

These cigarettes not only reduce the dangers of smoking but also help heavy smokers reduce smoking or quit smoking with time. Smokers continue to enjoy the same feel and flavor of tobacco cigarettes they are used to smoking. South Beach Smoke cigarettes are quite popular and offer various kinds of disposable vapor starter kits.

Out of all these kits, the ‘Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit’ is simply mind blowing and is the world’s best starter kit for October 2013. The amazing features and incredible qualities of this kit have grabbed eye balls and managed to charm millions of customers.

This kit helps smokers in beginning with electronic cigarettes quite easily and provides fantastic accessories as per their requirements. The ‘Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit’ is manufactured with highly innovative and original advanced cartomizer and batteries and arrives fully packed.

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The advanced cartomizer is removable and aids smokers in experiencing satisfaction and bliss. It is this removable cartomizer that contributes towards making the kit known as ‘disposable’ by all. The cartomizer offers a fresh and hygienic puffing experience.

Preserving a separate vaporizer component is not required for the reason that whenever smokers change the nicotine magazine with a fresh one, they get a new vaporizer. The kit presents a magazine and vaporizer rolled into one and facilitates fresher and healthier drags.

This kit encompasses an additional mechanical power battery, a regular mechanical battery, a manual additional power battery, a power cigarette, an individual charging holder, a moveable wall charger, a comprehensive car electric connecter for USB charger, a luxurious USB charger, a comprehensive moving holder, twenty huge nicotine cartomizers and a cord.

The twenty huge nicotine cartomizers are available in different powers and tastes and serve the same purpose of almost thirty two cigarette packets. The kit is priced at USD 159.99 and has brought about a lot of transformation in everybody’s lives.

Smokers are happier and more in terms with what they want. Thus, the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit offered by South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes is the best disposable starter kit for October 2013 all across the globe.

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