TheElectronicCigarettesReviews.Com Intimates an E Cigarette User About Several Batteries by V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs offers a hybrid range of batteries for an electronic cigarette user according to the preference reports The batteries are available in various sizes and colors for an e smoker.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2012 -- The brand which needs no introduction, V2 Cigs is by far the best brand according to various review sites. V2 Cigs has been rated as the number one brand by the Alexa Chart (a review site). There are a number of products provided by V2 Cigs which help an e cigarette smoker to get the best e smoking experience. V2 Cigs renders the users with various sizes and colors of batteries inform

V2 Cigs offers three sizes in electronic cigarette batteries. The different sizes are shorty cig, standard cig, and long cig. All the three batteries are available in four colors. The four colors that an e cigarette user can choose are silver, blue, white and black. All the batteries have an option of manual or automatic switch type. Though there are some differences that each battery holds. Each type battery is designed for a different user. A shorty battery is worth $19.95 is designed for a handy look and style. With cartridge attached, the V2 Shorty Battery is just a little longer than a traditional cigarette and the shortest battery V2 Cigs offer. The shorty battery produces around 160 puffs.

The other two cousins of shorty batteries differ from each other in some aspects inform an electronic cigarette review. The standard battery is the most selling battery by V2 Cigs as the battery provides a perfect balance between weight, length and operating time and is worth $24.95. Pink color is also available in standard battery size. The pink color is available for a short time says experts, whereas the long cigarette battery is for a user who likes the old world charm of e smoking. Because of the huge size, the battery lasts longer than the usual ones. The long battery is available at $29.95. The battery gives around 300+ puffs. The number of puffs the long electronic cigarettes battery gives is the maximum provided by V2 Cigs say the reviews. An avid V2 Cigs user said, “I enjoy the standard batteries. They're not too long, nor too short. Battery life normally lasts me all day at work. And to try more I bought 2 of the extra long batteries and wow they are awesome. I think I would now switch to long ones”.

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