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V2 Cigs is known for customized kits and large collection of accessories. The brand is rated as five star e cigarette brands says

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- Electric cigarettes are available everywhere in the market. V2 cigs is a leading brand of electric cigarettes that offers great flavor and large amount of vapor. Smokers prefer V2 Cigs as e cigs can be customized in order to suit the flavor and nicotine level. The starter kits come in various levels to satisfy needs of smokers. The kits also offer various accessories at a lower price than other brands say experts of the

A V2 Cig user said “when I first used my electronic cigarette, it came with great vapor and V2 ultimate cig was amazing.” The brand also offers 30 day money back on e cigarettes and accessories. Smokers are very impressed with V2 Cigs. They review electric cigarette as vapor cigarettes that have high battery backup as the battery lasts for couple of days. Flavors offered by the brand are liked by everyone around and the brand even keeps on experimenting with the new flavors to attract the smokers.

An electronic cigarette review website comments “V2 Cigs are very satisfying electric cigarettes that come in various flavors”. Another exclusive range of e cigs for women is Vapor Couture. Vapor Couture is designed for stylish women who smoke with a class as the electronic cigarettes are available in different design and patterns. There is even a crystal glowing LED tip and a battery for slim and far less bulky style that smokers do not find with other e cigarettes. This range is geared towards electronic cigarettes for women but the men like it too. One of the privileged customers said “I have been an e-smoker for 2 years and can’t believe no one had thought of targeting females with their e-cig. I like attractive things, especially if I and my husband can enjoy the smoke together.”

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