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As per, Green Smoke offers a wide variety of products and services to smokers in order to enhance electronic cigarette smoking experience.

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Electronic cigarette by Green Smoke is one of the most impressive e cigarettes available on the market today, says The brand is gaining huge number of customers since the brand offers a one in lifetime experience for all e smokers by providing one of the best e cigarettes. The innovatively designed products and the offered services by the Green Smoke is the reason so many people prefer to go for brand when they want to buy electric cigarettes. says that Green Smoke offers one of the best services amongst others. The brand has come up with same day shipping service which has been gaining much popularity among e cig smokers. The same day shipping is applicable between certain days and timings which range from Monday-Thursday by 3pm and Friday by 11am. The same day shipping policy by Green Smoke ensures that an electronic cigarette user is able to get the order delivered as soon as possible after placing the order and making the payment. The policy allows a customer to order between the given time and get the delivery the same day or even if the smoker orders after the given time, Green Smoke promises to ship the order he very next day. The shipping happens through FedEx which makes sure that the smoker is able to enjoy the e cigarette products as soon as possible.

The brand always has a motive to provide quality electric cigarette products to help smokers to enjoy the freedom of smoking almost everywhere and to live better lives. Moreover, the flavors of Green Smoke e cigarettes offer the smokers one of the most enjoyable smoking sensations available. Many users choose Green Smoke because of its offers, services and trendy designs says A fan of Green Smoke commented, “Green Smoke offers amazing products and I love all of them. The brand’s policy about same day shipping is the best amongst all brands of e cigs. I am glad to avail their services and very happy to see their concern towards smokers.”

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