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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- 420 University in CA is a university with a difference in every sense of the term. Like its stated mission, “We are slaves to the law in order that we may live free”, a university that trains people to start a business in medical marijuana is anything but ordinary. But yet that is exactly what this learning centre is all about.

420 College has been set up with the object of educating Americans on the exciting possibilities of a career in medical marijuana and the laws and regulations related to it. It has and works through a wide and effective network of professionals – lawyers, doctors, accountants, managers, real estate experts, and a variety of others. Sources connected with the college confirm that most people would get scared at the name of this dreaded drug let alone getting trained to run a business with it!

College authorities explain the training and the benefits accruing to those who join the course. The college helps not just with the training but also makes sure that the individual gets all the assistance –legal, technical, and any other they might require for running a perfectly legal medical marijuana business in California. Since this is a line replete with pitfalls, specially trained counselors and lawyers help the trainee to set up medical cannabis dispensaries, marijuana delivery services successfully and earn a living.

Besides educating Americans on the business potential of these courses, the College is doing yeoman service in having helped thousands of Americans who had lost their jobs and livelihood as a result of the ongoing global economic slowdown. The University had trained thousands of people to build a career for themselves and helped some of them to start their own learning centers. Fifteen years back there were only two medical marijuana schools in California but after 420 University started training, there are about fifty.

The University conducts hundreds of seminars all over the US where trainees get to meet experts and professionals in the field personally and get first hand information on any queries they might have on the subject. It has assisted numerous people and organizations to make a career in legal medical marijuana industry thereby contributing to the national exchequer.

According to the College Records Keeper, there is an interesting story behind the name but it is mired in antiquity.420 became the police code to report a Marijuana smoking in Progress. Strangely, when California legislature codified the medical marijuana law, the legislators named it SB420!

For more information on the courses and training offered visit the College website http://420college.org

About 420 College
420 college is headed by its founder – President George Boyadjin. The college imparts training to those aspiring to start a legal medical marijuana business in California. Legal curriculum is handled by eminent marijuana attorney William Mc Pike.

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