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Tips on How Patio Misting Fans Increase Revenue and Business for Restaurants in Hot Summer Months

Rapid Cool Misting Systems shares tips on how patio misting fans increases revenue and business for restaurants in the hot summer months.

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Valencia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Rapid Cool has heard time and again how restaurants find it hard to seat patrons in the summer heat. Since providing a solution to restaurants to cool patrons with mist cooling fans, Rapid Cool has helped hundreds of restaurants increase business during the summer months. Restaurant misters (http://www.rapidcool.com/applications_restaurant.html) help to cool patrons and increase seating on the patio without getting them wet.

The summer heat can be a deterrent to outdoor dining at restaurants, but truly good restaurant misters can beat the heat by keeping diners cool and dry. A good patio misting system enable diners to enjoy the outdoors even during afternoon heat while enabling restaurant owners keep their dining tables full for longer periods of time. Rapid Cool shares these tips on how high pressure patio misting fans are more beneficial than low pressure to increase customer retention, business, and revenue for a restaurant during the hot, summer months.

1. Instead of having longer dead times during the long, hot days of summer, restaurant mist systems will keep outdoor dining and smoking areas cool. Using high pressure restaurant misters keeps customers cool without making them damp with heavy moisture. While low pressure systems rely on a heavy mist to cool down patrons in outdoor areas, high pressure systems keep the customers dry as well a cool without so much as a hint of a mist on tables.

2. A high pressure cooling mist system breaks down water droplets into such a very fine mist that they are virtually undetectable aside from the cooling effect they have, especially when paired with patio misting fans (http://www.rapidcool.com/applications_restaurant.html).

Another benefit is safety. The less moisture there is to potentially accumulate on floors, the less likely a worker or customer is to slip and fall. Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most common injury-causing accidents in the workplace. They can lead to lawsuits for legal liability when a customer is injured or claims to have been injured by a fall.

3. When restaurant mist systems are functioning properly, they can reduce the temperature by up to 25 degrees and make even most of the hottest of days much more comfortable. When aided by patio misting fans and sun-defeating shade cover, restaurant patios and other outdoor areas continue to be revenue-generators by keeping customers cool and staying longer. Full tables create more profits for restaurant owners, and restaurant cooling mist fans create more space for customers.

Creating viable comfort levels for customers with restaurant mist systems (http://www.rapidcool.com/applications_restaurant.html) helps them to be more relaxed while they are eating out. They are relieved of the burden of preparing meals on hot days while being able to enjoy the experience of their time out from beginning to end. And when customers are cool, even on hot days, they may eat more food, stay longer and have more people join them.

Happy, comfortable customers mean fuller tables for longer periods of time and a steadier flow of business. The down times are shorter while peak service hours are extended, making businesses more profitable.

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