Tolerance of Smokeless Cigarettes Use on the Increase; Good News for Electronic Cigarette Brands in 2014

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Smokeless cigarettes seems to be getting approval from the US population as it seems that electronic cigarette brands are determined to make the best products. In a recent report it seems that nearly 66% of all Americans do not mind if people vape electric cigarettes nearby. Whilst many have declared that smokeless cigarettes are finding great appeal with young smokers and that they are fast gaining social acceptance in America. In a recent survey by Wells Fargo it is estimated that at Best Electronic Cigarette Brands will earn over $10 billion by 2017. And it was also revealed that over two thirds of Americans said that they don't mind if someone starts to smoke vapor cigarettes around them.

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This study according to analysts at leading e cigarette review site Digitalmoke.Org that the original estimates of social acceptance of the Best Smokeless Cigarettes is conservative. The study that was conducted in December 2013 was done to hear the levels of electronic cigarette tolerance amongst non-smokers. E cigarette review articles can reveal the main question was to enquire whether or not people would approve e cigarette use in certain public places that typically prohibit vaping. The electronic cigarette brands have been facing differing views because of use in areas such as sporting events, malls, the office, and even on an airplane.

According to the study men in general were seen to have a more tolerant view on what the Best Electronic Cigarette Brands. Over 71% of those sampled said that they were not bothered at all by the use of smokeless cigarettes within their vicinity, as compared to 55% of women.

And the difference seemed to be generational: 70% of Americans ages 18-34 said they would not be bothered by someone using an e-cigarette in close proximity. With the declarations that 58% of all those surveyed believed that e cigs can be used at public sporting events.

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