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The top e cigarette manufacturers like V2 Cigs are not happy with the volley of restrictions that are being proposed in Chicago and New York.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- E cigarette brands like V2 Cigs are set to face tighter regulation in both New York and Chicago as they look set to be among the first major U.S. cities restrict them in the same way as tobacco products. Whilst there are those that claim the electronic cigarettes are merely a harmless smoking alternative to tobacco variants yet their opponents say that they may carry the same dangerous health effects and in some cases maybe more. However Tom Kiklas who is the president and also the co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association or TVECA believes the concerns that have been raised about the e cig are unfounded and in some instances a bit misleading.

The main factor that is contradictory to those claims is that there have been no FDA or federally sanctioned tests that have been done on the effects of the electronic cigarette. Yet almost all of these claims are based of independent tests that are done in clinically sterile labs under strict controlled conditions which are nothing that represent the reality on the ground. And also brands like V2 Cigs argue that their products after in all the time that they have been on the market, they are have a zero casualty and zero fatality record unlike other sectors of the economy.

In matters about the suspicions that surround the issue that even the best e cigarette cause cancer, yet Kiklas believes that these fears are unproved as the vapor from the smoking devices contains just five chemicals, compared with the up the over 9000 chemicals that have been identified in tobacco smoke. In fact he claimed that "the vapor is closer to regular water vapor than tobacco smoke, and poses no risk of any kind." In a 2009 FDA report that compared regular cigarettes against the best e cigarette made by brands like V2 Cigs, it was shown that they are around 1400 times less harmful than tobacco.

Many experts admit that the scientific research done into brands like V2 Cigs suggests that electronic cigarettes actually present e a much lower cancer risk than regular cigarettes. And in a recent V2 Cigs review it was shown that they in fact do carry a significantly reduced threat of lung cancer and other cancers as well as much lower risks for lung disease and heart disease.

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