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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- The e liquid is the soul of the smoking devices that have been on the front of the latest fight of the smoking war because of the nature of the product and the ingredients that they are made from. There are now more and more people that are deciding to vape the e cigarettes instead of smoking regular cigarettes because of the many befits that the whole industry is now offering to the smoking community. In fact there are now more people that are now selecting to change from the regular cigarettes to the best e cigarette that are available on the market than there are doing the opposite.

The main reason why there is so much fuss being raised about the e cigarette liquid is mainly to do with the way that it is made. The anti vaping community are of the mind that the e liquid contains some factors that are probably more harmful than regular cigarettes and that there are ingredients in them that are probably more dangerous than in regular cigarettes, yet the manufacturers do not agree. The e cigarette brands do admit that their products do contain diethylene glycol which is also found in antic freeze but go further that the same diethylene glycol has been approved by the FDA and the CDC for use in asthma inhalers for a long time.

The main factor that has been at the fore front of making the smoking device popular is that the level of nicotine that is in them is controllable unlike in the regular cigarettes and to make it better there are versions of the e cig liquid that are nicotine free. This has made them to be more appealing to smokers and to non smokers that know that the second hand vapor that they are breathing in does not have any nicotine.

Another thing that has e cigarette manufacturers standing up to that they have been accused of marketing their products to minors by having them with many flavors ranging from fruit to candy. But the manufacturers state that the reason they include many different flavors in the e liquid is to make them more appealing to a larger demographic of smokers.

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