Top Expert Believes That Vapor Cigarette Can Save Lives in Light of Unfounded Electronic Cigarette Health Risks

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- The popularity of the vapor cigarette has been mainly due to the claims by users that state that they have managed to reduce their tobacco dependency. Yet the issue of electronic cigarette health risks has been the root of the regulation issue that has been at the heart of the federal smoking scenario. Most people state that vapor cigarette products should not be regulated in the same manner like tobacco products. Critics worry that the electronic cigarette health risks haven’t been fully investigated and that the growth of vaping is making smoking popular again. But smokers of the Best Vapor Cigarette products claim that they have been able to realise great benefits in using vapor cigarettes that have made their lives easier and more comfortable.

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The recent pictures of actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus who were shown “vaping” vapor cigarettes at the 2014 Golden Globes awards raised critisism. They were accused of using electric cigarettes as a means of glamorizing smoking. But Sally Satel is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a psychiatrist specializing in addiction has a different take on the electronic cigarette health risks. She has served as an expert witness in tobacco litigation and she believes that smokeless cigarettes are what is needed to knock the U.S. smoking rate from 18% to the government’s goal of 12% by 2020. She was quoted as saying that “we should not only tolerate them but encourage their use” on the issue of vapor cigarette popularity growth.

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She believes that there is need for more research on vaping but she and other likeminded individuals are confident that e cigarettes are far safer than smoking. The issue of Unjustified Electronic Cigarette Health Risks based on the presence of propylene glycol and glycerine, but these are FDA approved and are found in toothpaste, hand sanitizer, asthma inhalers, and many other FDA-approved foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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