Top Notch Anti-Aging Guide for Foods - The #1 Worst Food That Causes Faster Aging (Beware)

None can deny that the most appreciated and effective way of treating the aging phenomenon is the consumption of right foods that are by nature, specifically made to make the skin look younger. In collaboration to this fact, people should also be careful with foods that increasingly accelerate the aging process. Such facts and details about anti-aging plus pro-aging foods are brilliantly discussed in Mike Geary’s The #1 Food That Causes Faster Aging (Beware) eBook. .

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Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- In this eBook, Geary has emphasized on the notion that due to biochemical reactions occurring in the body with the different types of food eaten on a daily basis, some foods tend to age the body faster than the real age in contrast to other foods which assist in the prevention of aging. Regularly eating wrong foods can make the body look or feel 10 or more years older than the real age. This is a serious issue and many people do not take notice of this until they reach that 40 or 50 stage of their age. Even at such an age, people can still look younger by eating the right foods and over time, they can start to look 5 to 10 years younger than their true age.

Inside our body, three of the major processes that have a major impact on the rate of aging are constantly taking place: glycation, inflammation, and oxidation. When it comes to aging, it’s not just about wrinkles or lines on the skin or how thick the hair is, factors affecting the everyday processes occurring inside the body are of significant importance. In The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging, Mike Geary has discussed about foods that can regulate the levels of three processes and simultaneously, have an incredible affect on the reduction of aging process as well.

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This manual educates people that when they are not regularly doing positive eating, they look and feel 10 or more years older than their actual age. But eating the right food not only makes them look 5 or 10 years younger but also reduces the risk of disease. This book tells people that they should be committed to eating healthfully and feeding their family as much nutritious food as possible. This e-book focuses on the power of positive eating. It enlightens that positive eating plan is so flexible. By just eating the right food, people can maintain and enhance a positive mental attitude towards life. Three of the processes mentioned in this manual that goes on inside a human body and has a leading impact on the rate of aging are called glycation, inflammation and oxidation.

The #1 WORST food that ages people faster than usual is none other than wheat. Wheat quickens the normal aging process in a human body. This deals with glycation and substances called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). These relatively small compounds popularly known as AGEs accelerates the aging process in a person’s body including harming their joints, skin and organs. The whole grain bread cause a bigger and faster blood sugar spike than a spoonful of table sugar. The impact on a person’s blood sugar is still greater than table sugar. With spikes in blood sugar and insulin, people are on their pathway to diabetes. It also contributes to heart disease, accelerates the process of aging and damages skin.

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This manual also educates people about other foods to look out for that intensifies aging in a human body. Foods that people should be watchful for are corn-based foods, soybean oil and also excess sugars from deserts and candy bars.

This manual is not just filled with the list of foods that people should look out for. It also contains top ranked information regarding anti-aging tricks and secrets. Some of which are fighting aging with a cup of coffee daily, with an organic ingredient that slows down the aging process of a human’s body. Use of natural stevia for slowing down this process. Use of lemon juice for reducing fat. Powerful herbs that control blood sugar and five delicious fatty foods to protect skin.

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