Top Rated LED Grow Light for 2014


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Experts believe the medical cannabis industry may be on the verge of the next industrial revolution. Competition for the medical growers dollar have led to incredible innovations in indoor plant cultivation while driving the price of quality cultivation equipment down considerably.

The LED Grow Light industry has in particular has been turned upside down and its about to be again, with a new super powerful line of LED grow lights made by EverGrowLighting. Distributed by in the United States and Canada. In 2014 this line of top rated grow lights is called the Monster line and it features many new and state of the art features not found on their competition.

While this top rated LED grow light features the premium 3 watt BridgeLux LED's like many of the newer models, there are some remarkable proprietary differences that make this line and their Nova Line very unique. One new innovation is the all round optic lens, that helps with light penetration and reducing wasted lumen. They also do not use glass over the bulbs like other manufactures. This helps light quality and penetration over units with glass by almost 20% alone. With built in air circulation systems for the plants in each unit there's no need for fans that waste energy. These guys even circumvented the new European law banning “daisy chain-able” grow lights by inventing a new safer system called “Smart Plug” that is legal across Europe, The US and Canada. Its safe to say, we cant list all the unique, proprietary innovations they have incorporated.

While these top LED grow lamps are up to 35% more powerful than similar wattage units, still one of the best innovations lies in the unique modular design they incorporate. Each LED cluster can be taken apart and dismantled in less than 60 seconds, allowing for simple bulb or part replacement. These are hands down the easiest LED grow lights to use,maintain and with the three year warranty offered by the manufacture, these are sure to make waves in 2014 in the indoor plant growers community’s. We have not yet seen a LED Grow Light design better than the Monster and Nova lines produced By EverGrowLighting.

The Company, based in mainland China was founded in 2006. EverGrowLighting is a worldwide leader in LED Grow Lighting for plants and aquarium systems with sales and distribution worldwide., based in Oregon and founded in 2008, is the leader in high powered CFL grow light systems for indoor plants. They are also the North American discount retailer for EverGrowLightings Nova, EG, and Monster line of LED lamps for indoor horticulture.

About CFL-GrowLight
CFL-GrowLight, (, based in Portland, Or, is a leading distributor of high power LED, CFL, and replacement CFL grow lights for small to commercial sized indoor grow rooms in the United States. Our online services focus on manufacture to consumer transactions of top rated high power LED and CFL grow lighting equipment to provide consumers direct access to near bulk price points without bulk purchasing.

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