Top up the Cartomizer Properly to Have an Outstanding E Smoking Experience Reports talks about filling one’s cartomizers properly to get the smoking experience of a lifetime. Electronic cigarette can be totally enjoyed by topping up one’s cartomizers perfectly.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- The technology surrounding electronic cigarettes is known to be one of the best so far say electric cigarette reviews. Electronic cigarette have been proved to a better alternative against traditional cigarette as the device has no amount of bad chemicals involved and has only those ingredients which a smoker needs like nicotine. A smoker only desires the same nicotine hit as traditional cigarette which electronic cigarette dutifully accomplishes say experts. talks about electronic cigarettes in the best possible sense for smokers.

According to an electronic cigarette review, a smoker can only enjoy an electric cigarette when various things are up to the mark like the cartomizers. The cartomizer technology has originated a couple of years back when an electronic cigarettes brand started the production of cartomizer i.e. a device which has the atomizer and cartridge both in one. This technology is liked by all smokers say experts. To fill one’s cartomizers, there is a process involved which makes sure that a smoker fills yup the cartomizer properly in order to have a great smoking experience. As per the expert, a smoker should never fill the cartomizer when it is still attached to the battery as that cause the battery to be affected with any leakage. A smoker is advised to fill the cartomizer with not more than 5-6 drops of e liquid say electronic cigarette experts.

An electronic cigarette smoker is asked to follow the steps in order to ensure a good smoking experience. The experts say to check whether the cartomizer needs refilling one can look inside the cartomizer and see if the portion is dark under a strong light because the presence of e Liquid makes cloth fiber inside look dark. As soon an e cigarette smoker adds 5-6 drops of e liquid in the cartomizer one can notice the change of color and know that the cartomizer is ready to roll and give the smoker an outstanding smoking experience. These pointers would make sure that a smoker gets the full out a cartomizer before dumping the product say experts., being an e cigarette review website, talks about various brands like V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, and many others which provides the smoker with best in class quality products.

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