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TopShelf Brands Inc. Launches the TopShelf Portable Vaporizer


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Things are changing fast and TopShelf Vaporizers are setting the climate for culture driven portable vaporizers. Over the past few years the recreational and medical marijuana industry have grown acceptance from the populace and  government in many states across the United States. While the culture of legal marijuana being at the forefront of economic opportunities and becoming widely accepted, it has presented an opportunity for different methods of consumption and accessories. In Ancient times (sarcastically speaking) there were two ways to consume marijuana or dry herb tobacco products:

1. Smoke in a pipe

2. Roll in papers

However, several years thereafter the table vaporizer was erected and presented a new way to enjoy these products without combustion. Though the contraption was a great product it was realized that they are hard to assemble, bulky, noisy and could require the use of plastic bags or other accessories.

Fast forward, a new child is born, the portable vaporizer . While this market is growing steadily there are only a few portable vaporizers that are aesthetically appropriate, easy to use, small enough to fit in a jean pocket and powerful enough to walk away from combustion completely. (TopShelf Vaporizer Full Kit Below)

The TopShelf Vaporizer is a creative and fun technology product that provides a sleek, clean and modern alternative to traditional smoking – launched by TopShelf Brands Inc, it fits in any pocket comfortably, and is the best dry herb vaporizer on the market today.

Re-creating the smoking perspicacity, TopShelf brings together new technology, quality materials, and safety testing with a aesthetically appeasing design.

TopShelf Vaporizer educates consumers on the process of vaporization to showcase this is a unrivalled alternative to smoking – heating tobacco and other dry herbs instead of burning it, and releasing the effective active ingredients into a vapor. Vaporizing produces no fire combustion, therefore obliterating second-hand smoke. TopShelf makes no claims that this is a device to help quit smoking or healthy alternative. Topshelf Vaporizers are not marketed as a marijuana product.

TopShelf Features:

- Tested temperature setting to release the active ingredients with no waste

- Lithium ion rechargeable internal battery

- Quality vapor - huge clouds, no ash, bad taste

- Modern and sleek in size and design

- Cool (non heating) mouthpiece (the mouthpiece will never get hot during your vape experience)

- Velvet dust bag

- LED indicator lights

- Large chamber for your choice of dry herbs

The TopShelf Vaporizer is the perfect inclusion to accoutrements of everyday accessories, whether on the go all the time or watching reality tv shows at home. Since The TopShelf Vaporizer exudes only vapor, it can be used in many places where smoking is not currently permitted. Although always be aware and respectful when in close quarters with others as they may not want to smell particular vapors. TopShelf Brands Inc is a lifestyle company that has rejuvenated the the smoking experience for the emerging chic and savvy generations.

The TopShelf Vaporizer is simple to use and uncomplicated to savor, as it delivers vapor, not smoke. This is a dissemblance that not only will the end user notice, but the populace will as well.

The TopShelf Vaporizer retails for $159.99 only at

About TopShelf Brands Inc
TopShelf Brands Inc was founded in 2012 Los Angeles California by Andrew Keyes who is the CEO and President of the company. He is a visionary when it comes to product design with a history in intellectual property licensing the past 5 years. TopShelf Brands works with Japanese engineers to create a product that is safe and well designed for consumers. Topshelf Vaporizers have sold over 5,000 portable vaporizers to date that come solely from social media marketing affiliates.

Andrew Keyes - CEO/Founder
TopShelf Brands Inc
275 S. New Hampshire Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004