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Total Wellness Cleanse Reviews - The Best Detox Body Cleansing Program

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Total Wellness Cleanse program has quickly become a best-selling natural detoxification program. It is the most complete cleansing and detoxification program available in the market today. The benefits of cleansing your body are the elimination of toxins that are built up as well as improving overall digestion. The wellness cleanse diet that is outlined in the Total Wellness Cleanse Program does not involve any magic pills or supplements that promise fast results.

The Total Wellness Cleanse Official Site

Yuri Elkaim is a renowned fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert. He is a registered holistic nutritionist and the co-creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse – a 30-day food-based cleansing program that has helped thousands of people lose weight, cleanse their bodies of toxic overload, and restore incredible health. Total wellness cleanse will give its users a kit of a few books which hold the secrets to simple and healthy eating, with diet tips and a lot of recipes for herbal tea, pointers on the right fruits to eat and so on. These easy to follow recipes will help you learn what foods work best for you body.

The system is all natural and backed up by science and research, having the ability to completely heal its users from inside. It works by flushing away toxins, melting away unwanted fat and giving skin a healthy glow in the process. This is a 30 day program and is divided into two phases. The first phase is called 'Cleansing phase'. The first two weeks of the program are dedicated to the total body cleanse. It will help in promoting health, energy and vitality in internal environment of your body. The second phase of the program is 'Maintenance phase'. The second two weeks are the maintenance phase dedicated to ensure that you are able to properly transition into the customized lifestyle and dietary plans. In this phase, its users will receive a set of diet plans , recipes and meal planners as well as journals and results tracker.

The human body is a lot like an automobile, where it needs proper maintenance to keep it running smoothly without some type of breakdown. Currently, there isn't any other cleansing and detoxification program available in the market that can be compared with this program. Body detoxification is a very important process that anybody should do to eliminate wastes and toxins inside the liver and colon. The program is little expensive compared to other diet and weight loss programs. This program provides the best information which helps its users understand how the whole system works and prevent dangerous diseases from attacking your body. The program has already worked for more than 19,000 men and women. This indeed is one of the best available cleansing and detoxification program available in the market.

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The Total Wellness Cleanse Official Site

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