Transportation and Logistics Press Releases

ShaanMovers Upgrades Equipment Due to High Demand in Relocating Services

ShaanMovers, the finest company which offers efficient and well-organized moving services, recently upgrade its equipment to provide better service and achieve customer service satisfaction.

The One Travel Introduce New Routes

The One Travel published their new routes with the help and expertise of They come up with their latest drop off and pick up points to meet the needs, convenience and expectations of passengers who usually travel in Singapore and Malaysia. In this way, most of their passengers can opt to take a trip by their express bus from Boon Lay or Golden Mile, Shopping Complex, Kampung Koh, Perak and Casa Del Melaka Hotel. Moreover, the One Travel bus express holds their pick up station from the Compass Point to Tampines Singapore and from Singapore to Genting Mushroom Farm Bus Terminal.

Now Available: Romania Freight Transport Report Q3 2014

LogoFollowing a year in which BMI believes saw increasing freight volumes in Romania, 2014 will signal further growth across the whole freight transport sector in line with the country's macroeconomic outlook.

Get Chauffeured Now Expanding Services to Go Australia Wide

The limousine has often been referred to as the ultimate status symbol. The limousine of course requires a chauffeur, whose job it is to serve those in the back by transporting them in luxury and style from point A to point B. Get Chauffeured understands that it is this human connection that makes the difference between simply a fancy car and a premier service, and that’s why they’ve become one of Australia’s most trusted limo companies in which even celebrities trust. The company has found such success that it is now expanding to cover the whole of Australia.

New Report Available: Mexico Shipping Report Q3 2014

LogoBMI remains optimistic toward Mexico's long-term growth outlook on the back of a booming manufacturing sector, an increasingly strong private consumer and favourable demographics. As a result, we retain a cautious optimism towards the country's shipping sector.

Now Available: Japan Shipping Report Q3 2014

LogoIn the case of Japan, a slightly different but similarly extreme, monetary experiment was responsible for the mini-economic boom seen over the past 12 months, but we are seeing increasing signs that this is fading fast. Real wages are collapsing, and consumer confidence is naturally being negatively impacted. While consensus expectations are for the impact of the sales tax hike to prove fleeting, we believe that the recent decline in activity is a warning sign of what is to come as people fear the sustainability of the current fiscal trajectory. Our recently-revised real GDP growth forecast of 0.9% seems well placed relative to consensus expectations of 1.4%.

Roadrunner Moving & Storage Cleveland Company Offering Different Relocation Services at the Affordable Costs

Roadrunner Moving and Storage Cleveland, is a well known moving company in Cleveland, Ohio. It has been known for its reliable moving services in all kinds of moves. The moving professionals working with this moving company have years of experience and are sure to carry out any kind of a move irrespective of the size. This moving company has become a preferred choice for those who prefer moving regularly within a low budget move.

Report Published: "Third Party Logistics (3PL) Market in the US 2014-2018 "

LogoThird-party logistics, also known as 3PL, refers to companies outsourcing logistics and distribution to logistics solution providers called 3PL providers. A 3PL provider is a company to which shippers (customers who transport goods using 3PL services) outsource a part or all the SCM functions of their logistics services. A 3PL provider plays a significant part in handling customer logistics requirements and undertakes transportation, location tracking, and sometimes product consolidation activities. Thus, a 3PL provider typically specializes in transportation, warehousing, and integrated operation services that they customize according to their customers' needs. Often, 3PL providers go beyond logistics and provide value-added services such as inventory management, cross-docking, door-to-door delivery, and packaging of products. They also provide strategic and operational value to many shippers across the globe. 3PL improves the effectiveness of logistics by using new and innovative ways to manage SCM.

Report Published: "Israel Freight Transport Report Q3 2014"

LogoWe forecast fairly modest growth in Israel's freight transport sector in 2014, though this will be an improvement for air and rail freight volumes, both of which have suffered declines in recent years. The major port of Ashdod also suffered a fall in volume handling in 2013. Political risk from the civil war in Syria and escalating sectarian tensions in Lebanon could all weigh on the Israeli economy and its freight transport sector (though this also presents transit opportunities). However, with the eurozone set to return to growth following two years of economic contraction, Israel could see a boost in its export volumes. The country is looking towards the future, and is committed to developing its ports, though this brings with it strike risk from workers disgruntled at the planned privatisation of key facilities.

New Report Available: India Freight Transport Report Q3 2014

LogoIndia's state-run major ports continue to be the underperformers in the BRIC country's freight transport infrastructure, with volumes at many facilities struggling to grow. Ports have also been harmed by a ban on iron ore mining, and a fall in exports to Europe. A case in point is the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, India's largest in terms of containers handled, which has seen a decrease in its box throughput as it continues to chase the elusive fourth terminal. We see strong growth potential in the air freight sector, however, as air freight and logistics companies look to capitalise on India's growing pharmaceuticals export market, though national carrier Air India will struggle to take on this mantle given its financial constraints. The opening up of the air sector to foreign players could provide a boost to the market.

New Market Research Report: Singapore Freight Transport Report Q3 2014

LogoSingapore's role as a global transhipment hub is both its blessing and its curse. In times such as these, when key markets in Europe and the US are either recessionary or growing sluggishly, it can be hit by depleted freight volumes. In 2014, we forecast growth in both port and airport total tonnage volumes, albeit it will be sluggish. Both facilities are investing considerably, and we are confident of growth over the medium and long term.

New Report Available: Kuwait Autos Report Q3 2014

LogoA total of 180,000 new vehicles were sold in Kuwait in 2013, according to information from the Focus2Move website. This represented 9.4% growth on the previous year. Looking forward, BMI remains upbeat on the medium-term outlook for the Kuwaiti new vehicle sales market, with the country offering strong growth potential in both the volume and high-end segments.

Thailand Freight Transport Report Q3 2014 - New Report Available

LogoThe Thai military's assumption of power following failed talks between rival factions in the ongoing political crisis raises the prospect of an unelected government being installed. Such a move would risk a violent pro-government backlash, and we maintain our view that the path of least resistance is for escalating violent unrest. As a result, Thailand's economy is feeling the strain of the ongoing political turmoil, with real GDP growth contracting by 2.1% quarter-on-quarter in Q114, and it is difficult to see a quick recovery given our view that there is no end in sight to the crisis. The manufacturing and construction sectors are coming under pressure, while outperformance on the external front looks like it's here to stay.

"Taiwan Freight Transport Report Q3 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoTaiwan's economy slowed in Q1 20 14 likely on the back of a moderating expansion in private consumption and exports , which informs our freight forecasts for the year . While we remain fairly constructive on Taiwan's trade prospects in the near term, we do not believe that recovering demand in the US and Europe will be able to overcome the drag from China's slowing economy, which will inadvertently weigh on the island's economy given its heavy reliance on the mainland. We therefore are happy to maintain our below-consensus (3.2%) real GDP growth forecast of 3.0%.

Global Railway Management System Market 2014-2018 - New Market Report

LogoThe Railways industry is one of the main sources of growth for any economy. Railway management systems make the operation of the railways efficient by enhancing the exchange of information from trains to the ground. The demand for a swift and dynamic mode of transport is the main driver of the Global Railway Management System market.

GPS-Trace Orange Launches GPS Trace Orange

LogoGPS-Trace Orange simple and high-quality GPS tracking service has just undergone extensive update and took up a lot of new useful features and capabilities. Tracking loved ones becomes the primary objective and GPS-Trace Orange can be a reliable safeguard for you and your family. It's made to keep people safe, and the usual trackees are children, the elderly, and lone workers — those who can't necessarily get themselves out of a sticky situation.

Bondi Removals Now Announces Error Free and Smooth Removals in Sydney

Bondi Removals has recently announced error free and smooth removals in Sydney. The company is well-known for providing hassle free removal services, making their customers’ relocation experience a pleasurable one. The company uses the most advanced materials for packing the goods for relocation. Their packing materials are made to ensure complete safety of the goods so that the end customers receive zero damaged goods. Some of the popular packing materials which they use are cartons, butcher papers, bubble sheets, bubble Kraft, garage box, porta robe and lots more. Customers can buy these packing material form Bondi Removals as per their product requirements.

Top Moving Company 4 U - Generating Leads for Moving Companies in California

Moving is considered to be a stress inducing task by most people who keep postponing it in order to avoid taking on all the fuss that comes along with the procedure. The biggest hassle people face in the whole moving process is the zeroing in on an efficient, reliable and reputed moving company. Helping such people ease their burden is Top Moving Company 4 U, a virtual platform that connects moving companies or movers with their customers and enables the latter to reach out to the former in the easiest and quickest manner possible. The online marketplace recently launched its brand new service of generating leads to moving companies in California.

"United Arab Emirates Autos Report Q3 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoUAE new vehicle sales rose by 16.6% in 2013, to reach 362,838 units, according to information from the Focus2Move website. This strong performance was in line with BMI's thoughts on the subject. Looking forward, BMI retains an optimistic outlook on new vehicle sales in the UAE, forecasting growth of 36% from end-2013 to end-2018, to reach just under 500,000 units.

Delta Van Lines, a Full Service Moving Company in Maryland Offers Residential Moving Services at Reasonable Prices

Known as the best Moving company in Maryland, Delta Van Lines offers local and long distance moving services at very affordable rates. Delta Van Lines provides their years of experience in the most esteemed and dedicated customer service. One can truly rely on Delta Van Lines for their nation wide moving services.

Russia Freight Transport Report Q3 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoFollowing a year in which BMI believes saw mixed growth dynamics across Russia's freight transport modes, 2014 will signal improvement, with one of the country's major ports finally recovering its pre-downturn volumes.

New Market Research Report: Global in-Vehicle Sensors Market 2014-2018

LogoIn-vehicle sensors are semiconductor components that gather and process information and provide input to the control systems of the vehicle. In-vehicle sensors form an essential component of electronic control systems performing various functions in vehicles. They control engine performance, provide convenience, comfort and safety to passengers, and also check the gas emissions and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. As cars are getting smarter, each vehicle on an average has 70-100 sensors on board and this is expected to increase to nearly 200 sensors per vehicle.

Award Winning Vehicle Tracker Holds Record of 100 Per Cent Reliability

In the modern day scenario, the vehicle tracking system has proven to be one of the most useful means of keeping the car safe. This system will help the owner of the car to have a comprehensive and clear view of the location of the vehicle. It also helps to track down the car in cases of hijacking.

Leading Worldwide Removals Specialists Arimshaws Removals & Storage Announces New Affordable Removals to France

It doesn't matter if it's starting a new life, opening a summer home or retiring in France from the UK finding the right removal service no longer has to be complicated guess work. A company that has built a hard earned reputation over the years of being a leader in UK, European and worldwide removals, Arimshaws Removals & Storage has announced they now offer special removals services from the UK to France. The response from clients has been absolutely remarkable.

Hungary Autos Report Q3 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoHungarian passenger car sales in 4M14 increased 22.3% y-o-y, to 21,002 units. We have previously highlighted that consumers in Hungary are enjoying a relative 'sweet spot' with real wages rising, interest rates low and unemployment declining, which has led to a surge in passenger car sales. However, BMI does not expect this consumer recovery to continue over the remainder of 2014 due to rising inflation, tightening credit conditions and a slowdown in employment growth (see 'Consumer Recovery Not Convincing', May 6). Accordingly, we expect to see a retrenchment in appetite for big-ticket purchases, such as new passenger cars, later in the year.

Now Available: Navios Maritime Partners L.P. - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investment Report

LogoThe Navios Maritime Partners L.P. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments report includes business description, detailed reports on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestments, capital raisings, venture capital investments, ownership and partnership transactions undertaken by Navios Maritime Partners L.P. since January 2007.

New Market Report: Renting of Air Transport Equipment in Saudi Arabia: Industrial Report

LogoMarket sees 7% CAGR over 2007-2012 to reach SR238 million in the latter year. Local service providers dominate, foreign entities represent 13% of market value in 2012. Demand quite seasonal with orders increasing during religious holidays. Industry predicted to see 8% CAGR over forecast period, driven by growing number of tourists and business travellers.