Transportation and Logistics Press Releases Made It to the 35th Annual Asian American Expo 2016-17

This year, the annual event was held in Los Angeles and amongst others, Nova Maitrox was a part of this prestigious expo. This was aimed to help merchants in servicing their Chinese customers. There were innumerable entities which participated in this event and it has helped many business owners to find solutions for their international dealings.

Pcdata USA President Honored by Food Logistics Top 100 Software and Technology Providers Recognition

Pcdata USA, a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation, was recently honored as one of Food Logistics 100+ Software and Technology Providers in 2015. For more than a decade, the editors of Food Logistics have profiled software and technology providers that hold influential roles in the global food and beverage supply chain. Their products benefit the industry in multiple ways, from reducing food waste and extending shelf life, to facilitating safe and sanitary transportation of product while assuring regulatory compliance.

Citroen Van Sales Launches Website with New Offerings

LogoDavid Greenhaf, Managing Director of Pure Vans Limited, has launched a new website specifically designed to cater to the needs of those seeking Citroen vans. Located at, Citroen Van Sales offers a wide range of choices for the discerning buyer.

Performance Team Offers Unparalleled Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Services at Nominal Prices

Performance Team is a leader when it comes to offering expert logistics solutions without asking their clients to spend an excessive amount of money. With three decades of experience, expertise, knowledge and tremendous industry exposure has enable Performance Team to understand the peculiar logistics transportation and distribution needs of manufacturing and the retail world better than most. Therefore, the logistics solutions they offer cut the turnaround time and deliver goods in the target market on time. By doing so, this company has helped innumerable companies cater to their customer base on time and remain competitive within this industry.

VMovers State to State Movers Offer New Moving Services

LogoThere are situations in which individuals/families or companies must move from one place to another and when these situations occur, it is the best idea to find a company that users can trust. VMovers is a reputable moving company that provides both local and state to state moving services.

Performance Team Offers Expert Logistics Solutions at Competitive Prices

With 6.6 million state of the art warehouse space, a fleet of more than 350 small or large trucks and 11 domestic hubs at prime locations throughout the USA, Performance Team remains the undisputed leader within this industry. They offer unparalleled logistics solutions at affordable prices, thanks to the three decades of experience within the industry. This has enabled them to deliver goods to their target markets throughout the USA on time and cater to their customers needs in a proficient manner. For prompt, efficient, effective logistics solutions and on time delivery of consignments, this company has earned the respect from their clients.

Box-N-Go Offering Superior and Cost Effective Storage Solutions in San Juan Capistrano and Costa Mesa

Whether someone is relocating or is simply creating some free space in an overfilled apartment, Box-n-Go is there to help. Having its base of operations in Commerce, California, it offers convenient, secure and cost effective storage and moving solutions. The services it offers conform to global quality standards, which speak volumes about the quality of its work. People residing in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Riverside, Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino counties approach Box-n-go for gratifying their diverse moving and storage demands. Box-n-Go further offers cost effective and superior storage solutions in San Juan Capistrano and Costa Mesa now.

PBTP Moving Company New Rochelle Offers Dependable and Inexpensive Moving Services

LogoPBTP Moving Company is one of the leading moving companies New Rochelle has. This company is known for the inexpensive services it provides, but the fact that the prices are low doesn't mean that the quality of their services is suffering. On the contrary, they are always doing their best to offer the best services. PBTP Moving Company New Rochelle is not focused only on local towns and cities in New York, but they also provide services outside the state lines of New York. In other words, it doesn't really matter whether you are looking for good Local Movers New Rochelle option or for long distance moving services provided by a company from New Rochelle – PBTB is always here to help you. Thanks to PBTP moving company, home owners and business owners can move to their new home or new office that is located just a couple of block away or hundreds of miles away. There is no doubt that you will get top notch services in both cases because PBTB Moving Company New Rochelle has proven numerous times that they are true professionals.

Local Movers New Jersey Reveals Its Affordable Rates for Moving Requirements of New Jersey

LogoMoving your belongings from one place to another even if the locations are separated only by a couple of miles is a difficult process. This is the reason why many people agree that using the help of professional moving companies is a must. Those who use true professionals for this job can rest assured that their furniture and valuable belongings are moved to their new location undamaged. This process becomes even more stress-free if people use the same service providers to pack, load and unpack these things. The fact is that the number of moving companies New Jersey that provide quality services is very low. But, companies like Local Movers New Jersey are focused on finishing this task in the best way. This is not difficult for them because they have the best equipment and tools and the best movers to complete this activity smoothly and without any hassles. In the end, they can guarantee satisfaction for every client they have served. This is one of the Moving Company New Jersey options that provide completely free quotes for the potential clients. The potential client should visit their website at and they will get a free quote without any obligations.

Moving Company Phoenix Provides Supreme Quality Moving Services

LogoPeople decide to move from one location to another for many different reasons – better job opportunities, better environment etc. This is quite natural because people are looking for the best place that can improve the quality of their lives. However, this decision means that you will need to move all the things you already own from one place to another. This moving process must be finished without any damages and in a fast manner.

Top Moving Company 4 U Provides Moving Services for Business and Home Users at Reasonable Prices

LogoMany homeowners and business owners believe that moving is a very difficult activity and they are not far from the truth. But, this conclusion applies only in situations when people prefer DIY approach over hiring professional movers.

Movers USA Wins Super Service Award for Fifth Year Running

LogoBoth capable and experienced, Movers USA announces their latest well-deserved award. Widely-recognized as the premier moving company in Maryland, Movers USA has been named an Angie's List Super Service Award winner. While this in itself is an enviable feat the moving company, who also services Washington DC and Virginia as well, is a five time winner. Accruing impressive stats to be sure, the company's celebration is apt. Only five percent of all service providers on the well-known referral site rate such high acclaim.

Luxury Residential Moving Services from Cirkers for Hassle Free Relocation

LogoRelocation either in the same locality or across the town is always challenging. But with the assistance of professional residential movers, the task can be easier as they take the hassle out of the moving process. To cater to the needs of people, Cirkers is now providing Luxury residential moving services at the most competitive prices. The company's staff completes an onsite walk through the current residence of their clients and provides a customized estimate. Then they pack all the belongings, carefully crate their artwork and transport them to their client's new place in their climate controlled trucks. The company assures that every step of the relocation will be carried with unmatched professionalism and care for the items.

Micro Apartment Trend Shows Need for Better Storage: Top Removals Comments

A recent trend in big metropolitan cities, the rise of 'micro' living, emphasizes not only the potentially close confines of urban living but also what is expected to be a big focus for 2016: better storage. 'Micro' living is growing particularly in the rise of 'micro' apartments, already playing a key part in the property market of cities such as New York, according to a recent BT report. These apartments offer a complete living space in the dimensions of 360 square feet or less. They are set to be increasingly popular in cities where demand to live is high, but space is limited – especially so in London. This emphasizes the limited space and resources many people face when living in cities.

Kenya Voted as a Top Place to Visit – With Big Implications for Business: Uneek Group Comments

Kenya could be seen as an increasingly desirable destination for tourists and businesses alike, in light of increased recommendation in a number of publications. According to a UK based travel publisher Rough Guides, Kenya is one the top 10 must-visit destinations for 2016. It is believed that this recognition has been given as the East African country holds both strong cultural and business links; which makes it a vibrant and exciting place offering much potential. It is expected that this recognition will not only attract tourist to the country but businesses too, as there is now further opportunity to capitalize on it as an increasingly popular place to be.

Barr's Limousine and Transportation Updates Fleet

The full service limo service provides 24-hour service seven days a week for trade shows and conventions, corporate travel for meetings and events, and for private residential clients. The firm maintains an experienced team of transportation specialists who can assist with transportation management and on-site coordination services. Reservations can be booked online for client convenience.

All Around Moving Provides Commercial Office Moving Services to the Five Boroughs

LogoMoving one's office to a new location can be an exciting endeavor – there is usually a considerable amount of hopefulness attached to a new address, new neighbors, and a new perspective. But getting there can be quite a hassle. From moving cubicles to transporting computers and office chairs, the entire project can quickly become a cumbersome task. Fortunately, expert movers can ease the stress and strain of moving, and allow employees to simply show up to work on Monday at their new address. Based in Manhattan, All Around Moving Services Company, Inc. is comprised of a team of professionals prepared to help companies change addresses from any borough: Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

Good Move Removals Launches Free Bonuses on Affordable Moving Packages in Brisbane

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of a person's life; it requires them to uproot their entire life, together with objects of both immense real and sentimental value, and trust them to the back of a van on the open road. As such, hiring trusted removalists is the single best decision people moving house can make to manage their stress levels. Good Move Removals in Brisbane is committed to being the best company in the city, and has just added free incentives while eliminating any additional charges in order to offer the best packages possible.

Buy Moving Leads Launches Instant, No Obligation Sign Up

Moving companies shoulder an immense amount of responsibility when they pack a person or family's life into the back of a van and transport it across the busy streets to its destination, and many of them take this seriously. Unfortunately for great removals companies, their focus lies solely on doing the best job possible, and in the 21st century, more care than ever must be taken to cultivate a customer base in the incredibly competitive online environment. Fortunately, Buy Moving Leads LLC is in a position to help companies achieve this with their new instant signup.

Brothers Movers Is Gearing Up for a Busy 2016

LogoBrothers Movers is preparing for another move-in season. With the winter weather here in full effect, spring is right behind it, and spring means millions of homeowners and renters will be looking into new properties. Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, winter weather brings snow and other hazards that make moving a little more difficult than it is elsewhere. While Brothers Movers is certainly equipped to handle a move no matter what the temperature is outside, they understand that the busy season is just around the corner.

Pallet Racking Creates New Racking Finder Interface to Help Users Get the Best Racking for Their Needs

Pallet racking is a material handling storage aid system, which helps people store material across multiple rows and multiple levels, optimizing the storage space available. However, with so many options now available, it can be difficult for businesses to make the right storage solutions. Pallet Racking ( is an online resource centre for the Australian market that helps people make the right decisions when it comes to their physical support infrastructure, and it has now implemented a Find The Right Racking form to take any difficulty out of making the right decision.

Carpenter Bus Sales Partners with

LogoCarpenter Bus Sales has partnered with one of the largest tour coach companies in the United States to provide shuttle buses for their customers.

Ensure Timely Delivery of Parcels with Efficient Courier Services from the UCS Group

Courier services are becoming a vital part of everyday life for both businesses and individuals. Courier companies provide door to door delivery and shipping of packages, which may contain a range of items. There are a number of courier services across the globe that are engaged in delivering or shipping items as per their customers' needs. But, when it comes to providing Courier services in the UK, UCS Group are considered one of the best courier companies. Their domestic and international courier services are uniquely designed to identify the best, most affordable delivery option to meet each of their customers' needs. Individuals looking for cheap parcel delivery services can rely on the UCS Group to meet this need.

Vogue Resolution Report Shows That Clearing Clutter Is More Important Than Ever

A recent report for the prominent magazine Vogue has drawn attention to an emerging trend in New Years Resolutions for 2016 – a focus on clearing clutter in the home, rather than the typical resolutions which tend to focus on health. A number of staff even in the Vogue offices were quick to express their attitude towards keeping more organized and clutter-free on social media – with one going so far as taking to Twitter and telling followers that she was cleaning her room. This focus on clean streamlined home interiors has led to responses from many experts, including Safe Removals.

Public Transport Costs Hit UK Workers Up to 6 Times as Hard: Fair Rent Comments

A recent study, brought together by Action for Rail and the TUC, has revealed that public transport costs, especially for trains, affect UK workers much more heavily than in other EU countries. Figures show that workers commuting in the UK spend up to six times as much of their income on rail fare compares to other European commuters. This has led to widespread discontent and has even prompted some to take alternate methods of travelling to work; with car hire being especially popular.

Blue Gas Marine and Dusky Marine Partner Debut the First Factory Designed Natural Gas Boat

LogoBlue Gas Marine, Inc. and Dusky Marine partner to introduce natural gas fuel options to the sport fishing boat market. A Dusky Marine 252 featuring the award winning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel-system technology from Blue Gas Marine, Inc. powering its Suzuki outboard motor will be on display at the Miami International Boat Show, Pier 1/Slip 137 February 11-15th for sea trials. This is the first factory built boat designed from the ground-up to seamlessly integrate the fuel system for the sport fishing market, while maximizing range.

Seegrid Vision Guided Robotic Industrial Trucks Optimize Transport Storage Without Tapes Wires or Lasers

LogoSeegrid, the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation and maker of vision guided vehicles (VGVs), pallet trucks and tow tractors, operate free of wires, lasers, tape, or magnets to easily accommodate workflow changes. These flexible VGVs use route-training techniques by trained staff operators, simply walking or driving the vehicle on the desired route.