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UK Airport Car Parks Back Anna Turner over Robin Hood Airport Fine

UK Airport Car Parks is calling for action after a woman from Cottingham, near Hull received a fine when she was driving on a private road leading to Robin Hood Airport. Anna Turner, 59, who was going to Robin Hood Airport to fly to Poland could not find the airport car park and pulled over into a space on a dead end road. However, even though she pulled over for less than 18 seconds, a private car parking company acting on behalf of the owners of the private road took a picture and sent her a fine for £60. UK Airport Car Parks has called the action by VPS disgusting and is calling for the fine to be removed and Peel Land and Property, which owns the land around the airport to sack the parking company.

UK Airport Car Parks Write to the Mayor of Benidorm over Serious Complaints About Benidorm Bouncers

UK Airport Car Parks who help people to reduce the cost of airport car parking through their comparison tool has written a letter to the Mayor of Benidorm demanding an investigation. According to the airport car-parking expert, there have been hundreds of complaints about some bouncers in Benidorm allegedly using violence against customers.

Benidorm Bouncers Become a Huge Problem for Holidaymakers Says UK Airport Car Parks

UK Airport Car Parks who help people find cheaper airport car parking through their comparison tool has received a large number of complaints of some of the Benidorm bouncers.

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Travelers Can Redeem Their Unused Air France Miles with Wholesale Miles Inc

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UK Airport Car Parks Shocked 1000 Leicestershire Parents Fined for Term-Time Holidays

It was announced last week that nearly 1,000 parents in Leicestershire were fined for taking their children out of school in order to afford a family holiday. A leading campaigner against the unfair fine system has called these figures shocking.

UK Car Parks Launch a Big Discussion on Facebook on the School Term Holiday Ban

The school term holiday ban has caused problems for tens of thousands of parents. Since the government brought the ban in, it has become a big talking point. Now, UK Airport Car Parks want to know what parents really think of the ban and has turned to Facebook to find out people's opinions.

UK Airport Car Parks Reports a Huge Increase in American Tourists Using Their Airport Hotel Service

A large number of American tourists visiting London and the rest of the UK are now turning to UK Airport Car Parks to help find them affordable hotel accommodation. The company has always gained customers from America, but this year they have been surprised by the huge increase.

Manchester Airport Parking Experts Says David Cameron School Term Holiday Ban Is Not Working

A new report has echoed what a leading UK Airport Parking company has been saying for the past couple of years, that the school term holiday ban is not only unfair, but it also doesn't work.

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The travelers who fly frequently for business or leisure purposes usually take up many frequent flyer programs of different airline companies that they fly with. Whiling participating in flyer programs, travelers accumulate plenty of miles which they simply cannot use. Many airlines have a certain limit on the number of miles that the travelers can buy or transfer during a one year time period. Those who find themselves in a state where their American Express Points or Miles are remaining unused, can now sell them fruitfully by contacting trustworthy mileage brokers such as This service prevents travelers from wasting their miles by selling them at a defined rate.

UK Airport Car Parks Ask Their Facebook Fans if Alcohol Should Be Banned from UK Airports

With all the recent headlines over the past 12 months of airlines being forced to divert due to drunken behaviour, a leading Airport car-parking expert is asking their Facebook followers if alcohol should be banned. UK Airport Car Parks who has written a number of articles on the subject are now asking people's opinions for their next article.

Sunshine Holiday Reviews Back Jet2 for Issuing Passengers with a Fine

Jet2, the low-cost airline, hit the headlines this year when they sent an unruly passenger a fine of nearly £5,000 after he caused the plane to make a diversion. The passenger was disruptive on-board the airport that was flying from Leeds Bradford Airport To Alicante, which resulted in the aircraft making a diversion to offload him. Sunshine Holiday Reviews, the online travel magazine believe Jet2 were right to issue the fine and would like to see more airlines follow their example.

A Manchester Airport Car Parking Expert Backs Jet2 for Issuing Passenger with a Fine

UK Airport Car Parks, a leading Manchester Airport Parking company who help consumers find the lowest priced airport car parking at UK airports has today said they back Jet2 with their zero tolerance campaign towards disruptive conduct.

UK Airport Car Parking Experts Reveal Details of Low-Cost Benidorm Holidays

A leading UK Airport Car Parking company has today revealed the details on their blog on cheap Benidorm Holidays. The car parking company that provides a comparison tool to find the cheapest prices on Airport Car Parking keep on eye on holiday prices to report back to their readers on the best deals.

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UK Holidays More Expensive Than Holidays Abroad Says UK Airport Car Parks

The UK tourism industry is trying to convince people to stay in the UK for their family holiday. However, according to Manchester Car Parking Experts UK Airport Car Parks, staying in the UK for a holiday for a family of four is more expensive than going abroad.

Thousands of Holidaymakers Do Not Know They Can Claim Holiday Compensation Says UK Airport Car Parks

Manchester Car Parking Experts UK Airport Car Parks, says more consumers need to know their rights when it comes to holidays from hell. According to the company that helps holidaymakers save money on their airport car parking needs, more people need to claim compensation.

Manchester Car Parking Comparison Site Launched to Reduce the Cost of Airport Parking

UK Airport Car Parks has launched a car parking comparison tool to allow people looking to park their cars at Manchester Airport and other airports around the UK to find the best deal.

Security Breach Found in United Airlines' Frequent Flyer Mobile App

LogoA newly discovered flaw in the United Airlines' Frequent Flyer app leaves travelers open to a major data breach. Turrisio Cybersecurity recently discovered the flaw, which gives cyber hackers the ability to obtain the personal information of Mileage Plus customers.

XRoads Networks Discusses Outage Affecting United Airlines

On July 8, 2015, a faulty router caused nearly two hours of grounded flights for United Airlines and led to ongoing delays in flights across the country throughout the day. A spokesperson for the airline blamed "degraded network connectivity." The Federal Aviation Administration imposed a groundstop to hold all flights until the problem was resolved.

Manchester Airport Car Parking Expert List the Top Ten Stolen Cars of 2014

Today, a Manchester Airport Car Parking expert has listed the most popular cars that were stolen in 2014. UK Airport Car Parks listed the cars on their blog ( to make people understand how important it is to use an airport car park when planning to go abroad.