Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Announces 5th Annual All Hallow's Eve Bash

Trying to find one of the best restaurants in National Harbor to spend Halloween at this year? Well, look no further than Harrington's Pub & Kitchen, as they are pleased to announce their 5th Annual All Hallow's Eve Bash. The event, which has a live DJ and only a $10 cover charge, begins promptly at 10:00 PM. Furthermore, drink specials will also begin at 10:00 PM, and will include $5 Swamp Water, $5 Zombie Bombs and $5 Rogue Dead Guy Ales. Last, but not least, the staff theme for this year is "Super Heroes and Villains," and the establishment highly encourages guests to dress up, as they will also have prizes for the best costume.

The Whitbarrow Hotel Highlights the Latest Fall and Winter Vacation Trends in Europe This 2015

Nowadays, travel and leisure has been made easier and accessible to many people because there are lots of vacation packages that can be bought online. For people who are fond of traveling to Europe for a short vacation, the first thing they check out are the Lake District hotel deals that offers a wide variety of choices at affordable rates – from fine dining, city tour, water sports activities, camping, cycling, to luxury suites, name it! The hotel deals in Lake District are considered an economical choice for travelers. And since many will be traveling to Europe this coming fall and winter, travel agents shares the latest vacation trends that could help travelers pick the best travel package for their vacation this year.

UFOs over NYC Central Park Phone Home

If one thinks UFOs and E.T. encounters can't happen in New York City -– think again! Under cover of the night sky within the confines of NYC's urban wilderness better known as Central Park, an amazing extraterrestrial adventure is unfolding entitled the UFO Phenomena Tour.

Vietnam's Phú Quoc Island First Infographic Demystifies Asia's Next Hot Vacation Destination

About an hour's flight south of Ho Chi Minh City lies heart shaped Phú Quoc island. Geographically located closer to Cambodia, it was once wistfully known by its Khmer name "Koh Tral" although it has never had a Khmer administration. Backpackers kept this island a secret for a long time but now the secret is out and Phú Quoc is on the cusp of being Asia's next top vacation destination. Launches Special Discounts for Frequent and Corporate Travelers

Visa on arrival at the destination airport has made it easier for travelers to visit certain countries and Vietnam is one such place. All those who wish to apply for the same can consider the services being offered at They are travel agents who deal with different visa types and are registered with the government of Vietnam to undertake such offers.

Stucky's Bar & Grille Treats Customers to Delicious, High Quality American Cuisine in a Relaxed & Casual Atmosphere

Stucky's Bar and Grille, a new restaurant featuring classic American favorites, has opened in Johnsburg, Illinois. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner, includes a full bar, dining room and a private room suitable for groups, private parties and meetings. The restaurant is also planning to introduce video gaming within the next couple of months.

Peter Rowland Catering Expands Wedding Catering Services to Include Venue Hire in Exclusive Melbourne Locations

Events are made special by the atmosphere and to conjure an atmosphere. Organisers need an alchemical blend of a beautiful setting, great food, evocative lighting, music to create the mood and guests to bring it all to life. Over fifty years ago Peter Rowland set out to become the ultimate catering company for events of all kinds and understood that great food was not the same without great spaces. Now, they offer wedding and event venue hire together with their corporate and wedding catering services, to help people find the best possible spaces for their important events.

Hassle-Free Visa on Arrival and Attractive Discounts Also

That is arranging Vietnam Visa On Arrival may be good news for those who visit the country. says that they render fast Visa On Arrival services and at very cheap costs. In fact, they make the whole process of getting Visas on Arrival easy and hassle-free. Visitors need not run from pillar to post or chase down embassies for getting their Visas. Likewise, no passport send-off is involved in this process also. Visitors can just pick up their Visas on arrival at the airport.

Travel Everything More Unveils Expansive Collection

LogoTravel Everything More has ensured that users who are setting out on their work or pleasure trips around the holiday season can get their hands on Travel Accessories, which will make things easier for them. Offers Fully Equipped Luxury Rental Homes for Florida Winter Vacations

At, vacationers can lease a spacious and comfortable home rental in the Windsor Hills Community or Vista Cay Community in Orlando, FL. The renting company offers the luxury homes at the most affordable rates, allowing travelers to get the most out of their stay compared to a tiny hotel room. The homes have a wide range of amenities that hotel rooms do not offer, making them the ideal location for a romantic or family getaway. The state's biggest attractions are just a short drive away for the ultimate holiday experience with loved ones, including Disney World, Sea World, Orlando Studios and more. Launching New Beach Club in Miami - "Palmeiras"

Miamians get your suntan ready because there's a new beach club concept that is taking Coconut Grove by storm. Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle, will be preparing for their grand opening of their Ibiza, St.Tropez, Mykonos theme beach club operation at the Grove Isle on December 1 with an exclusive invite-only party and will open to the public on the following day, December 2.

Public House National Harbor Announces Their 2015 Thanksgiving Dinner Event

LogoPublic House National Harbor is pleased to announce their 2015 Thanksgiving event. On Thursday, November 26, those who would rather skip out on slaving away in their kitchen this year can head on over to this National Harbor restaurant for a Thanksgiving feast.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Offering Their Services to Plan 2016 Weddings

LogoRecently engaged couples trying to find a venue to host their wedding next spring should turn to Northampton Valley Country Club. In fact, this award-winning country club is pleased to announce that they are now offering their services to plan 2016 weddings. Individuals who are interested in scheduling a tour at Northampton Valley Country Club can call them at 215-809-2997, or fill out a contact form on their website,

Vista Parking Gets Business Travelers Ready for the Winter Months with Corporate Specials

LogoVista Parking along with the rest of New Jersey has endured one of the harshest winters in 2014. Many parking facilities and businesses near Newark Airport could not operate consistently during the winter months, but Vista Parking was able to thrive where other parking facilities struggled. Vista's shuttle services was given a boost so that their customers could travel to and from Newark Airport with ease, even in harsh weather conditions. Management has added new staff and combined with their efforts on the digital front, this has given Vista the attention it deserves.

NFS Serves Up Solutions to Maximise Family Time at Restaurants

NFS has welcomed latest industry news that suggests three quarters of families are choosing to eat out together in restaurants more frequently than they were five years ago.

Independent Hotels Increasingly Popular for Business Travellers

NFS Technology Group is advising independent hoteliers to integrate efficient booking software technology to take advantage of the business travel sector increasingly showing preference for independent hotels.

Tourism Increases in New Zealand

Tourism is considered to be a backbone of any country's economy. With the increasing trend of travel and tourism, New Zealand has noticed an increased amount of attention from the tourists.

Perth Holidays Made More Affordable with Cheap Business Class Flight Tickets from

From beaches to shopping, fishing and heritage tours, Perth is the perfect holiday destination for travelers who are looking for excitement, adventure and abundance of activities. Catering to the needs of people, is now providing Business Class Flights tickets to Perth, Australia at the most competitive prices. The company scouts for the best offers from top airlines and finds cheap business class flight tickets to Australia for their customers. They help their clients in selecting the right airport for them to minimize their travel costs. Those booking flights through their company can enjoy hassle-free flights from their city all the way to Australia, with fine dining during their flight, airport lounge access for fitness, spa, and other amenities and many other benefits.

Krisflyer Miles from Wholesale Miles Make Flying to Spain Cheaper

Having emerged as a unified country in the 15th century, Spain is well known among travelers for its vibrant lifestyle, amazing beaches and delightful cuisines. The paradise of the Mediterranean coast and mountains in every corner makes Spain a must go place for the backpackers. But flying to Spain is really expensive and can be hard on the pockets of most travelers. To help these travelers, Wholesale Miles, Inc. is allowing individuals to buy Krisflyer miles at the most competitive prices. Purchasing Krisflyer miles can help travelers in saving their extra expenses and making their trip to Spain a memorable one. Those interested in purchasing Krisflyer miles can request a quote for these miles by filling a simple questionnaire present on their official website,

Queens Flushing Meadows Park Welcomes Festive Paranormal Activity This Thanksgiving

This coming Thanksgiving holiday, New York's own Ghost Doctors will be taking groups of courageous amateur ghost hunters in training on an actual ghostly adventure through Flushing Meadows Park -- the home of the two former World's Fairs. With equipment in hand, like something out of a holiday supernatural blockbuster, they'll prowl Flushing Meadows passing hulking relics from a time long gone for signs of paranormal activity.

Roland Dickey Jr. Congratulates New Husband and Wife Dickey's Barbecue Brand Champions in Utah

For any business, the success of its brand is its lifeblood. Brands represent the underlying ideals by which a business identifies and relates to its customers, and championing the values of a brand can help strengthen that relationship between a business and its audience. Dickey's Barbeque is a hugely popular Texas barbecue chain with over 520 stores, and CEO Roland Dickey Jr. is celebrating those who best embody the chain's brand values. The most recent Brand Championship awards has been given to Matt and Ashley Jensen, of Farmington, Utah.

International Online Car Rental Service Offers Damage Excess Refund

LogoUK-based renal agency, Cars 4 Rental, announced today that they were pleased to be able to offer all their customers a Damage Excess Refund product, to protect them from the sometimes large excess payments demanded by insurers.

Rapidly Developing Hotel Brand Wellton Promises to Deliver Cozy Accommodation in Riga

Rapidly growing hotel brand Wellton promises to deliver cozy accommodation and personalized service to their clients in Riga Latvia through their relaxing and homely hotels.

Cars 4 Rental Makes Booking a Hire Car Even Simpler

LogoIn an announcement made today at their London office, the online vehicle rental specialists told reporters that they were very proud to have completed the latest round of updates to their website and that the booking process was now, "much simpler for customers to complete, no matter where or when they wish to hire a car." Cars 4 Rental have made it their mission to simplify the process of hiring a vehicle over the internet and anybody who takes a look at their site today will probably agree they have achieved their goal in an admirably short space of time. Introduces New Year Party Packages Across Many Locations

LogoNew Year is that time of the year at which many people wish to take time out and enjoy with family and friends. There are many places in India which can be visited for a night or two. All those who are looking for such New Year packages can consider this website. Be it a hill station or farmhouses, there are a number of options to choose from and the prices are also varied.

Best Mexican Food in Santa Monica Now Offered at Mondo Taco

LogoFor the best Mexican food in Santa Monica, Mondo Taco on Colorado Avenue offers a wide selection of entrees, appetizers, and delicious desserts in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. With both indoor and outdoor seating, customers can relax with a tasty margarita while enjoying such wonderful dishes as the Mondo Taco French Kiss. This humorously named Mexican entree consists of homemade tortilla shells stuffed with shredded pork and a creamy Dijon mushroom sauce.

Beaux Adventures Kicks off the New Year with a Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour for the Daring Set

LogoColorful ancient deserts meet the rumble of iconic Triumph Tiger motorcycles on Beaux Adventures newest trek. Offered to passionate riders, the company will host five adventurers for their royal Rajasthan on wheels tour come January. Riders will define their trip by taking in one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world as they relinquish all cares along the Thar Desert. Not for the faint of heart, the adventure tour meets the border of Pakistan as adventurers greet temples and palaces, a holy city, New Delhi and Jodhpur.