Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Butterfield 8 NYC Announces Their "Ladies Night" Summer Special and More This June

LogoButterfield 8 NYC is pleased to announce their "Ladies Night" summer special and more this June. From now until the end of summer, ladies looking for a Friday night happy hour special in NYC can go to Butterfield 8 NYC and enjoy $4 domestics, $5 imports and house wines, as well as $6 mixed drinks all night long. What's more, every Saturday night the restaurant is also offering ladies groups of five or more a complimentary bottle of champagne. Reservations are required in order to receive the champagne.

Regal Limousines & Car Service Offer Chauffeured Corporate Travel

The area surrounding South Amboy, New Jersey, is one of the East Coast's busiest business hubs. Each day, millions of travelers need fast, reliable transportation to where they need to go. Those in need of corporate travel in New York and New Jersey frequently choose chauffeured, private transportation to safely and effectively bring them to their destination. For over 30 years Regal Limousines & Car Service of South Amboy has been available for private chauffeured corporate travel in the area.

Travel Speak Provides Vital Information for Tourists Visiting North Eastern India

Travelling is a passion for many and each one of us goes on vacations time and again. Before going on vacations one must make sure that they are fully prepared and made all the bookings in advance. One should not leave things for the ending day and get the tickets and hotel bookings done through experts. One of the most explored areas of India where huge amount of visitors go all year round is the North-Eastern region. Travel Speak aims to provide the visitors with important information to the travellers and help them book hotels while they visit this region.

Expedited and Renewed Passport Services Available Through is an organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, providing expedited passports for any interested individuals in Pennsylvania and beyond. They are currently announcing their availability to provide expedited, renewed and restored passports for clientele throughout the United States.

Inka Express Bus: Celebrating 15 Years in Business

Inka Express Bus Tour is delighted to announce the well-recognized Peruvian company's 15-year anniversary. Over the past 15 years, Inka Express has offered locals and tourists alike the opportunity to travel to historic destinations in the southern region of Peru (Route of the Sun). Starting out by pioneering the route from Cusco to Puno, they have expanded and now offer over 12 different tours, including a fully guided all-inclusive excursion to the 7th wonder of the world Machu Picchu.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art a Paranormal Activity Experience

This June New York's own "Ghost Doctors" will be leading groups of courageous apprentice ghost hunters through the endless wings, hallways and galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in search of ghostly spirits. After these brave recruits receive a crash course in the fundamentals of ghost hunting 101, which will include the proper use of different electronic ghost hunting equipment as well as how to photograph signs of paranormal activity -- they'll be "good to go" on their ghostly trek through this amazing museum.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Is Here to Serve the Needs of Every Summer Get-Together

LogoAs Philadelphia's weather continues to warm, residents everywhere are starting to dream about vacations by the sea, barbeques by the pool, picnics in the park and many other hot sun, warm night activities. The list of possibilities are endless: tailgating parties for baseball games and concerts, celebration parties for high school and college graduates, family reunions at the docks and get-togethers just to rejoice in the ability to spend more time outdoors. Special events require special treats, and that's where the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory comes in – whatever the need, the company can make fresh, "hand twisted" Philly pretzels to fill it.

Your Koh Samui Villas Attains Milestone with More Than 230 Luxury Villas for Getaways

Mark Powells, owner of , announced that the firm has attained a major milestone, surpassing more than 230 villas listed on the firm's website. Your Koh Samui Villas offers a variety of luxury villas and apartments for short stays and long-term rentals.

UKairportcarparks Cheap Holiday Tips Have Helped Families Save Hundreds of Pounds

For a long time now consumers have been overpaying for their holidays, travel insurance and airport car parking, but now thanks to a leading travel expert that can now stop. UKairportcarparks, a leading airport parking company that helps people find cheaper car parking at UK airports, has launched cheap holiday tips on their blog. These tips have helped families save hundreds of pounds.

Experience a Family Day out with Family Friendly Fishing Charters on the Gold Coast

Witnessing your child catch their first fish is one of the true joys in life. The Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) offers family friendly fishing charters that enable families to enjoy these magical moments.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Providing Cheap Hotels in Melbourne CBD

LogoIn order to provide travelers with affordable accommodation solutions, City Edge Apartment Hotels is now providing cheap hotels in Melbourne CBD. With two decades of experience in providing budget accommodations, these hotels are perfect stay options for visitors to Australia. Whether it's a two-night stay or three-night stay, visitors are provided with the best budget hotels in Melbourne CBD. The experienced staff at City Edge Hotels ensures the ultimate care of their customers by providing them with high-quality services.

Mccloud's Grill House Restaurant in Bremerton Offers 8000 Sq. Ft. Venue to Host Community Events

LogoBremerton Restaurant, McCloud's Grill House announces the opening of a new 8000 sq. ft. venue that can accommodate up to 200 persons hosting community events.

Bistro Blanc Offers Spirits and Fun This Summer in Glenelg Area

To usher in the summer, one of Glenelg's premiere restaurants and winebars, Bistro Blanc, announces their 2015 summer menu. Patrons of the restaurant can now enjoy the full menu on Bistro Blanc's spacious outdoor patio, or in the interior for a cozy weekend brunch. Among the choices available at Crab Empenadas, Spring Pea Risotto, Duck Leg Confit and more delicacies.

Deep Respect Fishing Charters Has Become One of the Leading Vancouver, Canada Fishing Charter Company

The Salmon fishing trips provide great opportunities for catching all kinds of salmon. Deep Respect Fishing Charters is a government certified Canadian team of professional fishers, who provide quality and safety services and fishing trips in local Vancouver waters. Their role is to provide people with a complete adventure during their salmon fishing trips.

The New York City Guidebook for the Smartphone Generation Announced by Author Felipe Braga

LogoFelipe Braga, who moved to New York from Rio de Janeiro in 2013, is the brains behind Here New York, a new-look and self-published guidebook based on his experience of tracking down the city's highlights and cool spots to show visiting friends and relatives. Braga researched, wrote and published the guide himself – and took all the pictures on his smartphone. He wrote it, he says, to help time-poor visitors have a great experience in New York and capture their memories.

The THERAPY-IV Receives 2015 Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor

LogoThe THERAPY-IV, a Miami Deep Sea Fishing charter, has recently been awarded the coveted Certificate of Excellence for 2015 by TripAdvisor, a leading online travel reviewer. This is the fifth consecutive year that the operation has won the award.

Doncaster Airport Parking More Affordable with the Introduction of the UKairportcarparks Comparison Tool

UKairportcarparks, a leading name in the airport parking brand, has been hailed for helping holidaymakers save up to 60% off the cost of parking a car at Doncaster Airport and other airports around the UK.

Renzo Restaurant Management Group Launches Nightclub Security Education in San Jose Area

LogoSince when should a patron have to dodge bullets when enjoying happy hour at a social gathering after work? Possibly nightlife has become an "enjoy at your own risk" proposition. Such was the case recently in San Jose when five people were wounded while attending an area nightclub. With adequate security measures and exceptional management practices the public's safety would be top of mind. Offering his expertise Gholam Ray Shafazand, CEO of Renzo Restaurant Group brings his services to restaurateurs overwhelmed by crowd control. His management and consulting firm helps bar owners run a safer business while optimizing profit at the same time.

Paranormal Activity Is Booming in the NYC Real Estate Market

New York is teeming with a whole lot of paranormal activity and two of New York's well known ghost hunters are more than up to the task of uncovering these ghostly residents.

UKairportcarparks Warns Older Travelers Are Paying Too Much for Travel Insurance

Older holidaymakers are being taken advantage of is the message that a cheap travel insurance expert is sending out. According to UKairportcarparks, who help people save money on airport parking and travel insurance, older travellers are being made to pay more for travel insurance even though they make fewer claims than younger travellers.

A Queen Limousine Reminds Guests About Their Safety Measures

LogoThe weather is finally perfect throughout eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, but it won't last long. That's why couples across the region book their weddings during this small window of time and pray that the area's crazy weather fluctuations don't affect their special day. The days are warm and sunny without being overwhelmingly humid and the nights are cool and crisp. That's also why there is a massive increase in the demand for quality limousine services during this beautiful time of year. Unfortunately, that high demand means that customers occasionally have to search for supply from companies they aren't as familiar with, and that opens the door for less than honest carriers to take advantage of unknowing clientele. With this in mind, A Queen Limousine wants to go above and beyond by reassuring their guests about their stringent safety measures.

Dr. Ara: How to Deal with Jet Lag on Golf Channel's Morning Drive

LogoGolf Channel Morning Drive co-host Cara Robinson gets tips and techniques from Dr Ara on How to Deal with Jet Lag. Golfers who are on the PGA Tour deal with a number of intangibles on a daily basis and while flying. They are continually traveling, changing time zones, facing delays, and suffering from jet lag. And there is the 6p finish and 5a starts. Such quick turnarounds take a toll on their bodies and recovery time. Nevermind the additional emotional and mental fatigue of both winning and losing. Dr Ara talks about how jet lag has a huge impact on the body. Jet lag has been described as physical and mental tiredness from sleep disturbances felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones. This causes a significant drop in performance. Jet lag happens to Golfers whenever they fly.

Panama Relocation Tours Reveals How You Can Live Better for Less in Panama

The cost of living is increasing in the US and the UK, leaving young people and retirees spending more for less. With the rise in property prices in America and the UK, many young people are unable to afford to buy their first property, and people wishing to move to their dream home are finding it unaffordable. That is why Panama has seen a huge increase in young people and retirees moving to their country to live a better life for less.

Luigi's Pizza and Pasta Announces Gourmet Margherita Pizza Special

Luigi's Pizza and Pasta of Glenside is pleased to announce their Large Gourmet Margherita Pizza Special. A Gourmet Margherita pizza includes plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil and fresh garlic. For the rest of May you can order this pie for only $12.95 and it will be made fresh and ready in minutes.

Take Part in Melbourne May Events with Cheap Hotels in Melbourne Provided by City Edge

LogoThe month of May is packed with a wide number of events going on in Melbourne city. Travelers planning their trip to Australia can now enjoy these events by availing cheap hotel deals in Melbourne offered by City Edge Hotels. Various events that visitors can enjoy with their family in Melbourne include Audi Festival of German Films, St. Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and International Snow Travel Expo, Music Concerts by Shaggy & the Beatles Forever and several others.