Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Market Report, "Travel and Tourism in Argentina to 2018", Published

The Argentine travel and tourism sector is undergoing a tourism imbalance due to fewer inbound arrivals and more international departures. While outbound tourists increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.35% during the review period (2009-2013), inbound tourists increased at a slower CAGR of 6.16%. Outbound tourists are increasingly using credit cards to make purchases in foreign currencies with the aim of buying goods at cheaper rates; this has had a negative impact on the economy and consumer confidence.

Australia Tourism Report Q2 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

BMI's report on Australia's tourism market looks at the enormous potential offered by this well-established and popular destination in the booming Asia Pacific region. With a stable political environment and strong domestic economy supporting growth, we expect to see substantial gains across a range of key market indicators, including inbound and outbound travel, receipts from tourism expenditure and overall industry value.

Raymond's Pizza Launches Their Mobile Application in the Apple and Android Stores with Exclusive Features

LogoRaymond’s Pizza today announced the launch of its mobile app that gives users a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform to explore and utilize what Raymond’s Pizza has to offer. Users will enjoy a unique mobile app experience that includes innovative content and features. Notable features include:

Raptim Indonesia Provides Cheap Tour Packages to Holyland, Israel

LogoRaptim Indonesia is an affiliate member of Raptim offices around the world. The company provides travel and tour services to different parts of the world. Pilgrimage Tour, Leisure Tours with flight and hotel packages that any traveler would like to have. Tour package are arranged for the comfort of each traveler. They can get to different holy lands around the world without experiencing any hustle.

Galavantier Releases a Range of Travel Packages in Las Vegas

Many people no longer use a traditional travel agent to book a vacation, instead looking online for the cheapest flights and hotels before throwing together an itinerary. While this can be a great adventure, it can also mean individuals miss out on many of the best experiences available or be a nightmare with hidden costs or pitfalls. Galavantier is the evolution of an online travel agent, offering competitively priced packages online with a premium given to providing the best and most varied experience.

Experience Italy at Mamma Rosa Bed and Breakfast

Italy is a top destination among tourists around the world. The sights, sounds and dishes that it has to offer entice travellers to come back for more. The breath-taking and picturesque wonders are forever frozen in memory. But after a day of roaming, people long to stay at a place that seems to be an extension of the great outdoors. Enter Mamma Rosa, the finest abode of bed and breakfast Positano can boast about. Offers Vacation Opportunities in Stunning South African Locations

South Africa is a tantalizing vacation destination that truly inflames the senses. The country is known for its beautiful coastline and stunning scenery, as well as incredible wildlife and a vibrant culture. Thousands of vacationers make the pilgrimage to South Africa every year, particularly to the beautiful Ballito and stunning Umhlanga areas of KwaZulu Natal, two shining stars on South Africa’s coast.

Restaurants & Hotels Magazine Issues First Print Edition

LogoAfter a full year of success as an online publication, the Preview Edition of the printed magazine is being made available as of March 1st, 2013. Copies will be primarily distributed at the CRFA Show, Canada's largest foodservice show, in Toronto, Canada March 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Restaurants & Hotels Magazine Issues First Print Edition

LogoAfter a full year of success as an online publication, the Preview Edition of the printed magazine is being made available as of March 1st, 2013. Copies will be primarily distributed at the CRFA Show, Canada's largest foodservice show, in Toronto, Canada March 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Sport Hotels Andorra - Best Sport Resort and Hotel in Andorra Group

Andorra holidays have become extremely popular over the recent years all through the globe for offering people with exciting snowboarding and budget ski deals. Nestled in between Spain and France and situated in the lap of the Eastern Pyrenees, Andorra has some of the world’s best ski schools, safe snow coverage grounds, stunning views and ideal skiing terrains. Also Andorra has turned in to a haven for passionate skiers because of the fantastic luxurious ski resorts and hotels that it has in order to offer comfort, entertainment to the sports lovers in the course of their ski Andorra vacations.

Underwater Tourism Development - Turning 'Vacations' Into 'Adventures'

Global tourism is getting back on track and all indications are showing a return to vacation night stays at beachfront hotels and fractional ownership around the world. Once again the industry is grappling with the age old questions of engagement and vacation memories branded to resort properties.

Limousine Service to and from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

People generally travel in a local transport while travelling to and from the airport. If there are other options available then it would be much better for the people like to have a first class transport that receives them once they arrive in the city. One of those transports that have been helping people get good transportation service is the Phoenix Airport Transportation. They provide private cars that are good in class and make the journey much better as compared to the other transportation service providers. The service is affordable and people don’t need to worry about the rates. Getting class service at los rates is always good and Phoenix Airport transportation aims at doing just that.

CheckInTonight - A New Mobile Travel App Allows Check in to South East Asia's Finest Hotels

CHECKINTONIGHT.ASIA is delighted to announce the launch of ‘CheckInTonight,’ a mobile travel application that will allow travellers in South East Asia to book same-day accommodation quickly and easily.

Digital Innovation Set to Drive NSW Tourism Reports

“Innovation in the digital space was a key recommendation of the Visitor Economy Taskforce report and this is now being delivered by the NSW Government,” Mr Souris said.

Real Family Travel Magazine Now Available in Non-iPad Version

Real Family Travel, an iPad magazine with ideas for families traveling to anywhere in the world, is now available in a non-iPad version. The new version is based on the feedback received by fans on Facebook.

Tour Operator Latour Reveals Affordable Tours to South America in 2013

This week, leading tour operator Latour has introduced several tours to South America to budget-conscious U.S. and international tourists interested in exploring the many natural and cultural wonders of the continent. Destinations include Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and several others, with prices starting at $521 for four night cultural and sightseeing South America tour.

Escapade Vacations Announces Spain Tours for 2013

Aiming to offer the best service for travelers interested in getting the best possible insight into the natural and cultural wonders of Spain, leading travel company Escapade Vacations has announced several Spain tours and trips for 2013. Particularly addressing budget-conscious, independent-minded and smart holidaymakers decided to visit Spain, Portugal and Morocco, Escapade Vacations is currently offering a wide range of custom designed tours for individual & group travel, with prices starting as low as $700 for a romantic four night stay in Madrid, all costs included.

A Different Kind of Black Irish - Grady O'Bryant Explores His Irish Connection

LogoWhen Grady Gregory O’Bryant reported to his new duty station in Fairbanks, Alaska, one of the sergeants pulled out his wallet and gave another sergeant a $20 bill. He’d lost his bet that O’Bryant was a redheaded Irishman.

Rentals Croatia Are Promising to Deliver on All of Holiday Accommodation Requirements

With the influx of tourists to Croatia in recent times begs the question as to whether this holiday destination has the capacity to comfortably accommodate their large numbers. Location Croatie affirms that it not only has the accommodation facilities to cater for these large numbers, but also offers a variety of apartments and guest houses for rent at very competitive prices.

Book Holiday Homes Vakantiehuis Italie at Primavakantie, a website based in Netherlands that offers booking facilities to holiday homes in a number of countries, provides a wide list of vacationing homes in Italy as well. Various types of homes are available for vakantiehuis Italie such as chalets, villas o apartment in various sizes and in a variety of locations are available for customers to book from the site. These website claims that these homes reflect the country’s culture, history, beautiful landscapes and the famous cuisine.

Spring Breakers Find a World of Things to Do in Croatia

Being in school for a good part of the year is enough to make anyone go crazy. A whole bunch of teachers, projects and tests can really take a toll on a student’s stress levels. For European students, the spring break is the perfect time to take a break from all of the studying and really live it up.

City Tap House in Philly Now Offers a Lunch Rewards Program for Customers

LogoCity Tap House, one of the most popular craft beer bars in Philadelphia, now offers a Lunch Rewards program for returning customers. Guests who enroll in the program will receive 50% off their 5th lunch at the restaurant and receive a complimentary 10th lunch. For more information, call 215.662.0105.

Croatia Proves to Be a Great Destination for Europe's Spring Breakers

A whole year of studying can certainly take a toll on any college student. Papers, exams, and professors are more than enough to drive even the most diligent student a little crazy. Fortunately for students in Europe, the spring break will be here soon, and there is no better time to kick your feet up, and get some much-deserved relaxation.

Big Game Fishing in the Azores with

The Archipelago of the Azores, 9 Portuguese volcanic islands isolated at 1500 km from Lisbon, in the North Atlantic, were discovered in the 15th century. The largest and most populated island is São Miguel and it was from here that the first steps towards big game fishing were taken in the Archipelago, at the beginning of the 50s, in large thanks to the presence of several tuna fish species, such as the dorado or the bonito. At that time, a few great marlins were caught, but the equipment and the material used were of course nothing like those used nowadays.

Discover One of the Seven Wonders of Portugal with Yazores.Com

The Archipelago of the Azores is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Europe and America. Due to the volcanic nature of the nine islands which form the Archipelago, the landscape offers incredible sights of rolling green hills and sparkling volcanic lakes. The Lagoa do Fogo, one of the volcanic lakes formed on the bottom of the crater of an extinct volcano, and one of the main objectives of São Miguel Island, was recently elected as one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, in the category for wild beaches.

Simi Reizen Offering Active Vacations for the Adventurous

Spring will be here soon, and that means vacations! Break that cabin fever with an “active vacation” from Simi Reizen. Dust off the winter's neglect from your hiking boots and break out that sleeping bag. It's time for adventure! And who better to take you than a team of sporty, enthusiastic, expert guides? How will you find those, you ask, without paying an arm and a leg? Well, you find Simi Reizen, of course. Simi Reizen offers several action-adventure themed vacation packages, usually centered round specific age-groups. They even offer special father-son outings to help cement that familial bond.

Priority One Jets Announces Opening of New Los Angeles Office

Priority One Jets, Inc., a nationwide leader in private aviation services, today announced the recent opening of their newest office location, in Los Angeles, California. The new L.A. office will provide a base of operations for the company that directly complements their current headquarters located in New York City.