Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Paul's Tavern Hosting Blue Highways' 13th Annual Halloween Party

Paul's Tavern, known as one of the best bars in the Belmar region, will be hosting many great events during October including Blue Highways' 13th Annual Halloween Party.

Seven Seas Yacht Transport Announces Upcoming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Sailing

Seven Seas Yacht Transport, a full-service yacht transportation company with services available from all seven seas and continents, this week announced they will be hosting an upcoming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show sailing from the Mediterranean to Florida.

Travel Media Group Providing Personalized Internet Marketing for Hotels in 2015

LogoWith the amount of competition for hotels to attract guests, it is vital to have an online presence. In a digital age where consumers are utilizing the internet and their variety of devices to find the perfect hotel room at the best rate, Travel Media Group is providing customized services for internet marketing to help hotels stand out in 2015. An innovative approach across multiple platforms incorporates the latest strategies for real results.

Skiing Enthusiasts Rejoice as All Chalets Reports Snow Finally Falling on Alps After Dry December

It has been a troublesome start to the ski season, with some resorts having to delay opening, and reports of poor conditions in lower altitude resorts over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Adding to these woes, Swiss Francs are no longer linked to the Euro, causing prices on the Swiss pistes for everything from ski hire to a vin chaud to increase by 30% overnight. However, with over 40cm of fresh powder this week, All Chalets are reporting the ski season has finally kicked into gear. With conditions now too good to miss, All Chalets is offering alternatives to Switzerland's expensive pistes.

Rapidly Expanding Meal Prep Service Hits Chicago

LogoFriend That Cooks Personal Chefs have expanded their Kansas City based weekly meal prep service into Chicago as of January 1, 2015.

City Edge Apartment Hotel Now Offers Budget Accommodation in Melbourne at Premier Locations in Melbourne City

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotel is now offering Budget Accommodation in Melbourne at premier locations in Melbourne city. They have eight major hotels in the most happening places of Melbourne including North Melbourne, East Melbourne-Gipps, East Melbourne-Albert, East Melbourne Treasury, East Melbourne Tribeca, Melbourne CDB, and Box Hill. These hotels are located within walking distance of major key attractions of Melbourne city. Guests of City edge Apartment Hotel can enjoy gardens, nightclubs, shopping, eateries, clubs, sporting complexes and much more as they are located nearby to their hotels. Apart from Melbourne, City Edge now offers apartment accommodation in Brisbane CBD.

UTROPIX Launch Upgrades in Lifestyle, Income Through World Travel

Tapping into the $8 trillion travel industry is UTROPIX, a collective of certified travel consultants working to make world travel a part of everyone's lifestyle, rather than the occasional luxury.

Turkey Tourism Report Q1 2015: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoTurkey's tourism market shows signs of healthy growth, with robust increases in arrivals forecast for the 2015-2018 period. This is likely to lead to a range of other positive developments for key market indicators, particularly hotel numbers. Alongside this investment, the government and private sector are investing heavily in transport infrastructure.

A Queen Limousine Now Offering Limo Service to Philadelphia Flyers Home Games

LogoIt seems like no matter how early one plans on leaving a sports event in Philadelphia, there is no escaping the wait in the parking lot. Those who try to avoid the parking lot nightmare by taking the train run into a similar issue as a few thousand other people had the same idea and are now trying to cram into the confines of each car. If schedules line up and two teams are playing at the same time, those in attendance may wait well over an hour before they can even pull out of their spot. Providing hockey fans with a luxurious alternative, A Queen Limousine is now offering their limo service to Philadelphia Flyers home games. Begins New Year's Resolution with Post Card Campaign

LogoIn a way to connect with their valued customers, has established a new campaign to honor their New Year's Resolution. As a leading platform for last minute hotel deals throughout the USA, the website is starting the year with a blank map of the country and is hoping to collect postcards from their followers' travel destinations to fill the map entirely.

Airport Parking Helper Publishes New Wave of Time-and Money-Saving Content

Airport Parking Helper, a top online resource for those interested in minimizing the costs and maximizing the convenience of their airport parking arrangements, published a new set of reviews and guides at The in-depth new reviews include looks at the parking situations at JFK Airport in New York City and Los Angeles International in California, while the guides include some simple tips of use at airports everywhere. Like the rest of the guides and reviews published at Airport Parking Helper, those in the new wave of content aim at providing practical, actionable information that can help readers easily save money and cut down on time spent traveling.

Book the Dubai Shopping Festival Package for a Great Shopping Time from Arabian Desert Tours

Dubai the heaven for tax free shopping is all set to become the paradise for the shopping freaks with craziest and biggest discounts ever. Arabian Desert Tours offers the exclusive Dubai tourism packages for the shopping festival to have a convenient tour and stay in Dubai and participate in the shopping extravaganza. As hopping in Dubai almost tax-free, but the DSF 2015 offers crazy discounts on some of the biggest brands at the shopping malls and retailers which can go up to 75 percent. Planning a holiday in Dubai can be the most profitable visit to the city with discount on a range of items, including watches, jewelry, carpets, electronics, textiles, handicrafts of major brands.

Exeter Inn Now Offering the Perfect Romantic Escape for Valentine's Day

LogoThe Inn by the Bandstand, the only Select Registry property on the New Hampshire Seacoast, is offering some very unique packages for the Valentine's Day.

In Jamaica, Great Things Come in Small Luxury Packages

LogoIt's the third largest Caribbean Island and the most mountainous. It's available year round.  An authentic Jamaican experience in Ocho Rios. The experience of the real Jamaica, not the resort Jamaica and Jamaica Ocean View Villas ( is making sure to offer grand luxury along with an authentic Jamaican experience.

Just Published: "Travel Accommodation in Austria"

LogoHotels in Austria increased in current value by 3% in 2013, rising to ?5.8 billion. Hotels accounted for 77% of total travel accommodation retail at the end of 2013 and the strong position and positive performance of the category towards the end of the review period can be at least partially attributed to the increase being recorded in the number of outlets and the number of rooms due to the expansion in the number of both chained and independent hotels operating in the country. More importantly, value growth in hotels was boosted towards the end of the review period by the trend towards converting hotels and resorts into health and wellness centres which are destinations in their own right, a trend which was especially common among luxury hotels and mid-priced hotels. This way, hotels are able to become important tourist attractions in their own right, which contributed to the strong increases recorded in the number of guests and thus bed nights and total value sales in travel accommodation and Austria during 2013.

Recent Study: Online Travel Sales to Country Residents in Austria

LogoOnline travel sales to country residents registered a very strong performance in Austria during 2013, increasing by 9% in value to reach EUR4.8 billion. With an increasing number of Austrians showing an increasing willingness to use the internet for shopping as they discover the many advantages of booking holidays online, online travel sales to country residents benefited substantially.

Market Report, "Health and Wellness Tourism in Russia", Published

LogoHealth and wellness saw a 9% increase in current value sales in 2013. Health and wellness tourism outlets are still more of Soviet Era vintage. "Other" spas accounted for 82% of total health and wellness tourism sales in 2013. This category mainly includes sanatoriums - generally old renovated sanatoriums from the Soviet era. These sanatoriums are not considered to be spa tourism as they are not perceived as meeting modern standards, lacking both relevant professional staff and equipment.

First Business Flights Offering 30-80 percentage off on International Business Class and First Business Class Travel

Save up to 30-80% on International Business and First Business Travel with First Business Flights. Retaining their prominent position with over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, First Business Flights is now offering up to 30 to 80% off on International Business Class and First Business Class Travel.

New Report Available: Travel Retail in Morocco

LogoDuring 2013, travel retail in Morocco increased by 2% in offline current value sales and by 16% in online current value sales. The category is highly fragmented and the many strong players in the category are gradually expanding their online presence by investing in partnerships with leading travel and tourism search engines and travel retail websites. Social media platforms are also being used intensively and extensively to promote travel retailers and their various different offers.

Ambitious Traveler Aims to Raise $1M Through Crowd Funding to Take Wife Round the World

Crowdfunding is transforming the way people do business, raising investment not from profit-oriented Angel investors but from people who simply want a product or service to exist enough to help bring it into fruition. This has obvious advantages for businesses that are successful in reaching their funding goals, as these donations needn't be paid back, nor receive a share in business profits. One ambitious man is using it for a very different reason however, and is seeking one million dollars to take his wife on an unforgettable round the world trip.

A Thrilling Adventure in the Wild with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoA haven for wild life enthusiasts, India attracts globetrotters from across the world to spend their holidays in exotic wild locales and dense forests which were immortalized by Rudyard Kipling.

Lion City Malaysia Unveils New Routes from Singapore to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town

Lion City Malaysia Fleet, a leading international charter transportation company, announced the launch of the company's new service from Singapore to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town in neighboring Malaysia. The affordable, reliable travel options will help groups of up to 17 passengers enjoy these highly popular attractions in style. In addition to booking round trips or one-way passage in either direction, customers can also arrange for combination service that will keep professional, responsive transportation at their disposal while they enjoy the theme parks.

"Travel Retail in Switzerland" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoTravel retail continued to benefit from strong demand during 2013, with both online and offline sales register and positive growth. Interestingly, travel retail offline sales continued to account for 70% of total travel retail value sales in Switzerland at the end of the review period, meaning that bricks-and-mortar travel agents remain the dominant force in the category. Nevertheless, growth in travel retail online sales consistently outpaced growth in travel retail off-line sales over the...

Report Published: "Romania Tourism Report Q1 2015"

LogoWhile Romania boasts a wide array of tourist attractions, its tourism market is underdeveloped and facing significant challenges (such as poor infrastructure and political tens ions in neighbouring countries). In addition, Romania has been overly reliant on attracting visitors of neighbouring countries and has struggled to attract visitors from more prosperous countries. However, if it can convince countries such as Germany and the Netherlands that it can function in the Schengen Area, inbound and outbound travel are likely to increase substantially.

Health and Wellness Tourism in Morocco - New Market Study Published

LogoHealth and wellness tourism in Morocco increased in current value by 6% to reach MAD7.8 billion in 2013. Morocco is a major destination for health and wellness tourism, with both spa tourism and medical tourism very popular in the country. Although Morocco attracts inbound tourists of all ages, an increasing number of elderly people are opting to travel to Morocco for medical tourism as the country offers a very favourable climate for recuperation and high-quality medical insurance at competitive prices.

Just Published: "Tourism Flows Domestic in Switzerland"

LogoWhile the Swiss are generally fond of travelling abroad, at the same time there is a high number of more traditional Swiss people, mainly among the middle-aged and elderly population, who prefer to remain within the country when taking leisure holidays. As one of the Alpine countries and a country in which there are many beautiful lakes, Switzerland office domestic tourists a wide range of attractions for both summer and winter holidays.

Tourism Flows Domestic in Austria - New Study Released

LogoWhile Austrians are generally fond of travelling abroad for holidays, towards the end of the review period increasing numbers of Austrian people displayed a strong preference for travelling within their own country. While travel to destinations abroad is generally planned months in advance and often includes trips in excess of two weeks in duration, domestic destinations are more popular for shorter leisure holidays of up to seven days. Many Austrians have discovered that domestic travel is a more favourable option for short trips as there is no need to prepare for the trip several months in advance as it is possible to decide upon a 3-day or 4-day domestic trip reasonably spontaneously.